PMDG 737 - How can I have EPR gauges

Hi all,
I am an airline pilot and needs some procedural practice on the 737 for an upcoming simulator assessment. However the assessment itself will will have EPR gauges instead of the N1 gauges. Wondering if its possible to change to the EPR gauges.


What 737 model/engine does that simulator simulate ?

I believe that with CFM56 only N1 is displayed ?

Its more so that my sim assessment will be in the 757 which has EPR gauges, but I can’t find any 757 add-ons so using the 737 as a compromise to practice

OK, I see ! No luck, Bluebird simulations just showed off it’s future 757.

Oh that would be ideal. Just found the old fsx has an addon I can use for the 757 so will stick with that. Thanks for you help