PMDG 737 - no, really

Hehe, bet you thought when coming in here “Click bait…that’s not the PMDG 737 or just a screen of a streamer streaming it.”

I am on the PMDG 737 beta team, and have been busily testing and painting her for a while. Since the NDA lift, you may have seen a few of my shots around…these are some of my favorites

DISCLAIMER: These pics are of the latest beta build of the PMDG 737, some screens may not reflect the final product (but she sure looks good so far) :slight_smile:

I like to call this one “In your face” SWA 737 rocketing out of a sleepy KLAS airport in the early morning.

Here she is flying by my work building when I used to work at a high rise in Downtown Dallas every day

Here are a few paints I’m working on that should be ready for you guys when she’s released:

Have a few more but will save those for later. She is an awesome bird and if you guys like flying the 737, you should love this one!
Please no questions about when she’s gonna be released…I don’t know and could not tell you if I did.
Any other general questions should really be put in their forums as that is where you may get an answer from the CEO himself.
This post was created just to show you guys what’s coming. :wink:


Lets swap places for one day hehe Mind blowing screenshots!!!

I would if I could…oh and you’d have to know how to paint. :wink:

I’m also excited to see this one falling into your hands this Saturday (yeah…I’m on the Leonardo beta team as well)
Testing for 2 teams at once (and painting them) has been exhausting!


More N550WN photos please! Exteriors, interiors, wing views!!! You killed me by teasing with that Canyon Blue livery!

Is this the place for livery requests :wink:
If so as a Dutchie, Transavia would be my first paintjob of choice.


Will you add some PBR to certain parts of the liveries like rivets, handles etc?

Uhhh more importantly, what downtown Dallas mod are you using? Your downtown Dallas looks so good! @SnappedTiara694 ??

Not really the place…however, John Tavendale (Tavers) is also on the beta team and has painted Transavia on the P3d version, so I suspect he’ll add it to MSFS as well.

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Paah, its ok, an real one cost about ten times more. And look for what you safe on virtual fuel.

Please show the cockpit / systems / displays / modes / menus etc. It’s a sim not a 3D model viewer :wink:

If you go on youtube there are quite a few streams of the 737 since they have been allowed to post.

I know this is not the final release, and also not sure which registration is it, but please correct the wing flap pods with red color, that is the most characteristic of “Canyon Blue” and my most favorite SWA color

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Ahhh…good catch…let me pass on the to the PMDG painter…I didn’t paint SWA…he did them all including the new livery.

I stay in my lane…I’m a livery painter, not a pilot. :wink:

The cockpit is beautiful…and when I snap pics of it…this is what you see:

And like @skypilotYTS mentions…there are several streamers showing her off from the cockpit.

Here you go. An earlier version of the plane snuck into my pics…it has been corrected.
As you can see…I tried to replicate the exact angle and time of day in your real pic.

I literally had to keep the Microsoft Flight Simulator window banner in the pic to prove its really MSFS. :slight_smile: If this plane doesn’t blow folks away…I give up, LOL

Or and a bonus wing shot…its like you’re there!


Cant remember…but its on don’t think are but one downtown Dallas.

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Your paint jobs look great! I would like to add easyjet on the „wishlist“


That indeed looks great. Thanks.

My paint hangar is completely full, but I have no doubt when she releases that paints will be coming as fast as the huge painting community can push them out. I may tackle this one if I have time.

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