PMDG 737 Rudder Issue On Ground

The rudder on my 737 is not working on the ground. After spawning in, setting the parking brake, modifying the FMC, or basically interacting with the aircraft the rudder stops working. The rudder works once I am in the air, but flaps and landing gear don’t retract. I’ve already tried the tug setting in the pmdg setup page but didn’t do anything. Any help? Thanks

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thank you!

Having same issue. Cannot set or manually use the tiller either :confused:

I found an answer that worked for me on Reddit: From the FMC main menu, go to FS ACTIONS / Ground MAINTENANCE, then click SERVICE HYD FLUID.

I think you can prevent this from happening again by going to PMDG SETUP / OPTIONS / SIMULATION in the FMC, then setting SERVICE-BASED FAILURES to OFF.