PMDG 737 seemingly tilting up (doesn't fly straight) while autopilot is on (Solved-This is intended)

I see… I don’t have the simbrief downloader myself. Hahaha. Maybe I should try that out…

Very helpful. I save three files ad once (ATC, FP PMDG, Weather PMDG), and it works very well. Sometimes I got to save the wx file again.

The maximum ceiling of the 737NG is 41000 feet.

Fuel burn must be high even in the real plane when the plane does this. It’s like climbing all the time right?

When it does … what? Fly at ~2.5 degree AOA? Not particularly, That’s the way it’s designed to fly at cruise. And of course the higher you’re flying, the less fuel burn: lower atmospheric density means less drag; and colder temps mean the turbines are more efficient at compressing air/combusting fuel/expanding exhaust to produce thrust.

I’m not an expert in those things. Only my own thoughts :slight_smile: You are right, they designed it like that. At what AOA does A320 fly with at cruise? Why can’t the plane stay at altitude with 0 degrees without decrease in altitude? Is it because of gravity or something it needs to compensate for?

On the last 320 Sim Pilot video I watched he mentioned that the A320 pitches up at around 2-3 degrees in level flight.

Look up this very thread 8 days ago when I briefly explained why planes cruise like this.

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Oh, did read that post now. Sorry, i missed that. Good to know the why :slight_smile: Thank you.

The Bernoulli airstream is sometimes not strong enough to suck the wing upwards, especially when the air is getting thin or the airplane´s speed is not high enough. Or when the airplane is in general too heavy or have a very old and never overhauled wing design from the fifties or sixties the wings are also not effective enough to generate lift without some tilting the nose upwards.
In this case giving the lower flat area of the wing some attack area for the fast oncoming airstream increases the buoyancy significantly.

That´s why airplanes have their noses so high up when landing because they are so slow (way too slow to generate enough uplift to fly) but they must still fly straight ahead or with only a few hundred feet descent on the variometer.