PMDG 737 - two starting comments from my side

Hi guys,

it is only me that have the impression that the outside engines sounds are lacking some energy? they are need some kind of sound booster. When looking at the exterior and hearing the engines it is just like the bass is not there, i guess there is no option to change this within the settings?

additionally, how do you get rid of the Autopilot alarm once it is disengage? according to a tutorial made by a real boing pilot once should click the AP button to disengage it and then again to stop the alarm, but seems not to work…

Thanks for the feedback!

Agreed. Not enough low end rumble from the engines. The BAe 146 from JustFlight would be an example of what proper jet engine thrust sound levels should be for an aircraft. Hopefully, PMDG will update the sounds to better reflect this.

This probhnably

Maybe this is why RR said that the team was spending too much time playing with the 146. We can only hope that they were being inspired and realizing how to do better sound! :slight_smile:

Disengaging the AP works fine for me. I use a button on my joystick or Z key on a keyboard, then wait 2-3 secs and press it again.

totally agree hearing at the BAE 146 is what i would expect!

thanks for that one, i might need to re check my keyboard bindings

The 737 SHOULDN’T be sounding like the 146. The 2 engines on a 737 are significantly further behind the cockpit than the 4 engines on the 146. The 146 is going to always be louder in the cockpit. The actual Boeing training manual actually says something along the lines of “engine noises are muted in the cockpit and should not be relied on as a measure of engine performance.”


Ok you mean the engine sound in the cockpit, That might be true! I was more referring to the sound you get while on the external view moving the camera around the aircraft. The engines sound far away

One thing I would love to see improve on the exterior sounds are the exhaust noise. They nail the sound from the front of the engines however the back needs that jet blast noise! CFM-56-7Bs does have an aggressive blast.
Not a showstopper as I spend most of the time in the cockpit.

have you surround sound (spatial sound) on? PMDG advises to turn off headphone simulation & surround sound and then crank all sliders in sounds up.

You have to hit the auto pilot off button twice. First push turns off A/P, second push turns off alarm. If you bind it to a button, do not use the toggle auto pilot setting. That just turns it on again on the second push. You need to use the A/P off binding. There is also a button on the dash that will turn the alarm off too.

Nobody said anything about being in the cockpit. We’re discussing the sound level, or lack thereof, of the rumble from the 737 engines. I was speaking to externally, personally. And, no it should sound like a 146. I think we all realize they both sport different engines with entirely different sounds. But, the lack of rumble on the 737 caught my attention then first time I flew the aircraft in the sim. It’s just not there and it should be. Seems a lot of devs do this for some reason. JustFlight seems to get it right most of the time. Their Hawk was good too.

This I still have not test it! Let’s see if it give those engine sounds a booster :wink:

Oh thanks! Got it, I need to change my bindings :+1:

Robert Randazzo from PMDG posted development update yesterday and he said a lot about new sound and upcoming hotfix, you can find his post here: [21MAY22] PMDG 737-700 Developers Update: Pending Changes in the Cooker... - PMDG Simulations