Pmdg 777 fps issues once in the air

me i have stutters on the sim since sim uptade 15…

Try deleting your shaders.

Got the Solution bro, it’s nothing but the Tablet that drops 10-15fps, all you need to do is go out of the charts or EFB page and press the home button on the PMDG tablet, and yes BOOOM. :slight_smile:

Yes it seems so. I had this issue with every flight on the 777 until I read this post–tried it on my last flight and it was smooth! Its weird that it only happens with the map page, and only on approach. I went from 33 to 5 fps, with GPU usage at 100%. I spoke to PMDG about it and hopefully they will eliminate this issue (since I don’t use Navigraph I rely heavily on their inbuilt charts as far as taxiing goes).

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You can use charts on any external device like phone or tablet, feels realistic as well.

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