PMDG aircraft for MSFS "12+ months away" due to platform immaturity

I was shocked to read from the latest PMDG announcement that their first product for MSFS, the PMDG 737NG3, is expected to arrive 12+ months from now. The reason: MSFS is “woefully inadequate” to support the plane due to SDK immaturity.

Third-party airliners from the likes of PMDG, QualityWings, FSLabs and others are critical to flight simulation, more so than scenery and airports I would argue. So it’s sad to read this, especially since the default airliners aren’t study level (and are not expected to be).

All of these scenery developers are releasing incredible international airports but the sim lacks the airliners that give them life.

I understand that this pandemic has a dampening effect on development but I just hope that going forward priority is placed on bringing the SDK up to a state where it can support quality airliners.

Looking forward to greater things from this incredible simulator.

Link to PMDG announcement:


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