PMDG postpones 737NG3 to Q3 2021

We are now a few months beyond the initial release of MSFS, and yes, we are seeing a sharp up-tick in the rate at which the features we need are being implemented to MSFS and we are working hand-in-glove with our friends at Asobo to identify problems, knee-knockers, dead-stop items and the like as we move the 737 into MSFS. (Working in concert with Asobo has been a new experience for us, as we are normally very much just our own isolated team- but it has been invigorating to work with a team of devs so fully dedicated to the success of their platform. One day I will tell you what this is like and how it is changing the way we work.)

Unfortunately what we didn’t count on was just how big that work-load would be on the platform side or how slow the update rate would be. The bottom line is that while we still remain convinced that MSFS will be the long-term best-platform for simming over the next decade, there are still some major technical challenges that remain to be solved before it can adequately support a product as complex as NG3. I am going to whistle-on-by the specifics here because they aren’t important to anyone except the developers involved in the work, but what I can tell you is that we are currently looking at a release timeline for PMDG 737NG3 for MSFS that is out in 3Q21 with some downside risk that it will slide into 4Q21, more than a year from now.

There are essentially two major areas that are slowing the development process, and there is some upside risk that a major breakthrough in these key trouble-making areas might allow us to slide the release timeline forward into 2Q21, but I think the risk of this forward movement is very, very small.


so now we have proof why MSFS is still @ pre-pre-alpha wip early access something …

for those who wanna complain, come back in one year …


looking for proof

Maybe at least helicopters will release and gliders? And then you will have to fly on logs for a year

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No way. Really sad news. I was trying so hard to wait until q12021. I totally understand it though, I can’t imagine how hard it is to develop a study level airliner on a new platform. I think I’m fully moving back to xplane for a year now.


The plane is ready. MFS platform not ready
Complex systems cannot be programmed with the current version of the engine.


I can’t say that I’m disappointed. I loved the NGX in P3D, but enjoyed the Zibo in X-plane much, much more despite its limitations. They produced a better looking cockpit, windows were the right size, great modeled cabin and excellent sounds. I had reservations about buying the NGX for MSFS after they released teaser pics of the cockpit- same off colors, same big windows.

I enjoy the 737 10x more than the Airbus, but maybe this delay will open the door for a different developer to tackle the 737 line and we can get some healthy competition going.


The problem is that every developer will have the same issues. The problem is not on the developer PMDG side but the product (msfs2020) side


Not surprising. PMDG aren’t really early adopters of anything. It took them 1,5 years to get the 777 base pack from FSX to Prepar3d. To wait 1 year for a new product in MSFS seems to fall in line with their actual track record.

“…work with a team of devs so fully dedicated to the success of their platform. One day I will tell you what this is like and how it is changing the way we work.”

This is high praise to Asobo, especially coming from PMDG, they don’t do that.


“we still remain convinced that MSFS will be the long-term best-platform for simming over the next decade”


Guess we are stuck with A320NX and hopefully aerosoft CRJ-700 until then.

Hope we get surprised by other developers.

Depends on what the needs of the developer are with respect to what Asobo can provide at the moment. With over 1k developer applications in the pipeline, surely some of them are making jets. Just because PMDG has trouble integrating their system with MSFS doesn’t mean other devs are going to experience the same problems. PMDG is unique unto itself on so many levels.


The press release quoted by the OP basically uses sandwich method:

1.) Asobo devs are great, and the game is going to be great
2.) There is a ton of work left to get this game up to what it needs to be, and it is going slowly
3.) We might be able to move it forward, but probably not.

I think that we already had proof, just from playing the game. However, these recurring comments from experienced third-parties about how unprepared the game and Asobo is just reinforces that.

Asobo needs to rapidly get their act together if the title is going to remain financially viable.


I guess it will be even longer for the DC-6 :worried:

Even worse, I fear A2A if facing the same issues. Heartbreaking.

It’ll be fine… In a few months. Every sim was like this upon release, but I’m happy enough with what we have. The tons of issues ■■■■, but they threw enough goodies in here for me to adapt.


Once everything is ironed out, there will be a large amount of extreme quality planes… patience! :slight_smile:


Well, then go fly something else then.


Hey ASOBO, reroute some more devs to the SDK team. I know it’s already one of the biggest, but it seems like it’s also one of the most important. :wink:


Either way, you get what you get. That’s just a fact.

I just don’t have the bandwidth to project anger at a flight sim, despite it being my favorite hobby. That said, flight simming is simply not important enough to activate my sense of activism. Surely my energy is better placed elsewhere… like kids, wife, career, health, etc.

I’m completely fine submitting tickets and hoping for the best, as this is the only true way to enact change on the sim, for better or worse.


You’re probably right. I’ve submitted just one actually on the first day I played. I probably should go back over to zendesk and start sending tickets.

Mine is over-developed. :smiley:

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