Why is there no new aircraft in sight from the market leading developers?

the new MSFS has now been out for 2 mounth and the airport designers are bringing out one airport after another. Why are there no third party airplanes yet? Is the implementation too difficult or is the SDK so bad that a complete airplane is simply not feasible or does not make sense yet? A2A, PMDG, FSLabs, Majestic, Milviz, please leave a comment…


I would imagine largely because aircraft are a lot more complex than static scenery…


You’ll probably get more accurate information if you go directly to the developers website.


If you cannot find any third party aircraft, you aren’t looking in the right places.

If you are wondering why there aren’t many third party planes yet, that is simply because the sim is new, and it is harder to model and test a flying plane than stationary scenery.

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It’s likely they are waiting for the SDK to stabilize and incorporate the APIs they need to deliver products at the level of polish they want.

Someone posted PDMGs thoughts here - PMDG postpones 737NG3 to Q3 2021


There are planes coming. The main problem is that the SDK and the game are both too immature yet for the big companies to develop something of quality.

Making a plane and investing big money on the task requires that the base game and the SDK to be solid or at least trustable. We all see the game is yet too immature and 3rd parties like PMDG said the SDK is not yet there.

Nobody’s fault. The system still needs a lot of time and months to be trustable and SDK-complete (or barely complete in terms of what complex airliners need). It will take time. I believe that for the end of the next year we will start to see good products.


Cause SDK is in bad shape, way worst then buggy Sim. Plus it takes time to build a real aircraft @ study level


Probably because the sim and the SDK are only half-baked.


The SDK is not finished yet. Some SDK updates are coming next month according to the development roadmap. But 3rd party devs cannot commit to any timeframes until the SDK is finished.



SDK is still WIP and in continuous development. Aerosoft commented on this with regards to their partnership with Asobo and their aircraft development, for which they plan on releasing a CRJ as the test-bed for the development of this SDK.

See Aerosoft’s discussion on the SDK development and Aerosoft’s contribution here in this thread.


I think one of the main things is not necessarily that they can’t make super complex stuff in MSFS yet, they probably can, but Asobo has probably told them like they did with Carenado (G1000 improvements) and Indiafoxtecho (Canard support) that certain improvements are in the pipe so that if they did do a ton of work right now, they would either have to redo it later, do a lot of extra work or release it with lesser features than they will be able to when certain planned improvements are added to the game. Things that come to mind are canard support, particle system for smoke and such, turboprop logic etc.

But everything ive heard is once MSFS is a bit more stable, it looks like most sim developers are going to shift a lot of resources into MSFS if they havent already.

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“Incoming (study level Cessna 310 multi-engine) , but may be a slight delay due to icing” https://twitter.com/MilvizInc/status/1316917358737444864

Also if anyone could decipher what the dev is saying when I asked a simple question: is that GPS default or custom? https://twitter.com/EvidencePlzz/status/1310682266838929408

The “yes it is” means what ? is the GPS default or custom?

Available at https://secure.simmarket.com/indiafoxtecho-mb-339-msfs.phtml

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With a little patience, everything works out.
It is certain that developments take time.
We don’t want scrap planes.
But something comes slowly.
For example, the announcement of Virtualcol with Beechcraft 99, Dash-8 Series:


I absolutely hate it when someone answer’s a 2-option question with just ‘Yes’. Like how am I supposed to know if it’s Yes to option 1 or option 2 or both.


It looks to me like they have simply replied yes to the assumption that the aircraft has the default GPS in the preceeding Post.


Aermacchi MB-339 just got released. Soon it will be on marketplace.

Airplanes take time to develop. I think good planes will start coming out from January. When they do start showing up expect an avalanche of them. By this time next year I dont think airplanes will be an issue anymore.

I think, in a nutshell…the Dev’s have backed off…as at present MSFS is clearly a WIP and was released (in my opinion) as a Alpha concept…and no way , as a almost end-of-cycle, mature Beta.

This is at present, a broken feature sim, that one actually has to ‘fly’ through the minefield of bugs and/or outright CTD’s. Will that improve in short order? I sure hope so…but I can’t imagine that a Aircraft Dev would at this time…and with MSFS in its present coded ‘condition’ commit dev resources but, will sit in the bush, and watch how MSFS morphs, or ‘cleans up’ the bug infested windscreen…
My thoughts…


Well written. Accurate and critical, but not critical just for the sake of it.

Many smaller devs (me included) are sat twiddling thumbs because the SDK is very limited in what it allows us to do. There are workarounds for some of the shortcomings, but any tweak to the SDK might make these workarounds (some of which are far from trivial) wasted effort and, right now at least, the risk is too high.

That said, the rewards might be high too.

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