PMDG DC-6 Destinations

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I have to say I immensely enjoy the PMDG DC-6. I think the immersion is incredible and who doesn’t like 4 big radials? :wink:

I’ve been wondering where everyone is flying the DC-6 on the virtual planet. I’ve been getting into recreating flights from Everts Air Cargo. So today I took the DC-6 into PASV Sparrevohn Long Range Radar Station in Alaska. One way in one way out approach into a 4.400ft runway that goes uphill in the 34 direction. Challenging but loads of fun. I saw a video on YouTube of a Everts DC-6 landing there so they really go into this strip.

Where is everyone else flying?

Happy flying

My DC-6 destinations for Deutsche Luft Hansa so far were LOWI LOC 26 (Innsbruck), ENBR ILS 25? (Bergen), LGIR (Heraklion, Greece) visual 09 approach, and some short flights within Germany to learn the systems. Use to depart at Hamburg. Still learn to give the AFE some holidays (do the first checklists myself, but still use it for in range and landing). Need to improve my landings for sure!

refer to the link I’m flying on this route.


Thanks! That’s great. I’ll check it out

I found that one. Someone was posting the link at this forum: Airline Timetable Images - List of Complete Timetables

Flying my calibration/test route EHRD -EGLL and visa versa on a regular base. Easy to use with the bendex radio (i dont even know how to use GPS anymore lol) since there are only 3 or 4 frequencies you need to enter to get from point A tot B with more than enough time in between.
Total fight time 45-60 min from parking to parking.
Nice route over the northsea and following the river Thames, passing over London City airport and the city center.
At night you can see the windmillparks litt up which gives you a nice conformation of heading. This count also for both cities, you can spot them tens of miles away.
There are most of the time a lot of cloudformations, that gives a great effect during sunsets and a nice practice on low vis flying. its amazing that you can sometimes take off in cloudbase, dont see anything for 45 minutes and getting lined up perfectly on the fimal approach where you break trough cloudlevel again at 1000 feet, just to see the approachlights from the runway.
On clear days you can enjoy the harbour of rotterdam as well as London itself with all its highlights.
Everyday day/flight a new surprise because of the weather.

ORBX released freeware mesh for Iceland in conjunction with the FS2020 Nordics update. I recommend downloading it, and flying from anywhere in Iceland to BIIS.

BIIS, is the current FS20 landing challenge. It’s stunningly beautiful with the mesh.

Flying OnAir and currently running freight in South America. Hopping along the North coast in hour or so steps to the next pick up. Man, this place is BIG!

The DC6 is perfect for this kind of entertainment!

All over Alaska, Yukon and NWT. I’ve flown the Mackenzie Valley Run (from Ice Pilots) in a Buffalo Airways liveried DC-6. It is possible, but because it is a relatively short route with short runways, landing weights are an issue. That said, with a refueling stop in Norman Wells, I found that I can do the route carrying 14,000 lbs of cargo which is a bit more than the C-46 can carry.

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I am using it mostly in Alaska (cargo, mostly) and Africa hauling passengers to an airfield I made nearby Okavango or from Entebbe to Seronera using a custom paintjob. You have to stretch a bit imagination.
It is fun to fly this thing out of the congested big airports and reach destinations not covered by strict IFR regulamentations and procedures.
In alternative you can imagine “celebrative” flights and fly a major airline livery between A and B.
The lower cruise altitude and speed is nice to enjoy the landscape.
No AFE, of course :slight_smile:

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I’ve been flying 200 nm to 600+ nm hops all up and down the West Coast of the U.S. I’ve crossed the Sierras a couple of times to Arizona and New Mexico, back through Utah and Nevada.

Just flew KSBP to KPHX today, and sometimes make multiple stops in one trip. An example of a “short hop” flight plan up the west coast of California would be KSAN to KOXR to KSBA to KSBP to KMRY to KHAF to KSTS. Lots of approach and landing practice, and the weather has been beautiful! :slight_smile:

I flew Vancouver-Calgary today. Weather in Calgary was so bad, I almost had to divert.

for anyone who hasn’t found this yet:


you know what? We have a vintage aircraft that is good. I’d like to see someone create period airports to increase the immersion. Don’t care which country in particular, but a set of 4 or 5 airports about 1 hour apart that capture the late 50s, early 60s would be a lot of fun… Now I wonder who might take on that challenge???
obviously no aerobridges, but parallel parking, no modern vehicles etc…

many years ago there was something like a “golden age” series of airports. I had it installed in FS2004 with Bill Lyons Sikorsky S-43, it was called “Golden Age Hawaii”.
Also PILOT’s B314 Clipper for FS2004 had some 30s airports located in the pacific.
I think all that material is no longer available though.

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it certainly would be pretty good…

I was in Mexico on my last flight. Not sure how historically realistic that is but it was fun navigating to my approach in heavy cloud at 20,000 feet when there are mountains to 19,000 feet :smiley:

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I’ve flown this plane mostly in VR, it’s absolute perfection, even in VR the texturing is by far the best I’ve ever seen. I got this plane a few days ago so I’ve only done a few flights.

KJYO (Hometown) → KTEB
KDMA → KSEZ… I don’t recommend this the runway is too narrow but amazing nonetheless.

Currently flying out of KSBA to TNCM and stopping at KATL. Plane is fully loaded and climbs like a slug; perfect for taking in the photogrammetry. Currently averaging about 600ft/min.

Planning on doing this next.

In case it helps anyone, Iceland and Hawaii are the 2 countries that have unlimited charts/plates in the demo version of Simplates X (chart finder/viewing program)

I think I’m also going to try the old Trans Air Link Caribbean route.

Miami - St. Maarten - St. Croix - St. Thomas - San Juan - Aguadilla - Miami

Sounds like fun. And there’s a TAL repaint in

I’m having an absolute blast with this beauty.

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