PMDG DC-6 Major Problem on Xbox

Hey Guys and Girls,

so I’ve just got the PMDG DC-6 on Xbox and my problem is pretty simple…

I can’t press and Button or switch and switch (but turn some knobs) of the Aircraft.

I am able to use the iPad to the left and get the Engines to spin when pressing: Ready for Start/Taxi but they shut down after a few seconds at idle or at throttle input.

Im aware of the Gust Leaver… I can’t press it either.

Edit: I cannot even move the Yoke a centimeter

Same here, a beautiful plane, but nothing work at the moment :frowning:
a shame, especially considering the price it costs


This really makes me worried about QA with Xbox products!


I am rather annoyed because it is a plane that i expected a lot and now that it is available on xbox, nothing works properly.
I am starting to regret my purchase, i hope that a patch will correct this quickly, but speed and marketplace are not paired


It is shame!!!
Plane have “dead cockpit” and call sign PMDG 6 :-1:


It is not flyable. Should I get fefund? Or they will fix it within 3-4 months?

It’s no possible, the game is bugs fully, the new release also, but they get money…cazzo

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A shame, thanks for the post. Wont buy it.


Yet at the same time millions are loving the sim and having great of fun. Well worth $129. I was glad to pay it to MS! Well worth it for what you get.


Same Problem…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Not just on XBox, I bought it for the PC on marketplace, same problems… can’t move the yoke!

If this will get fixed, no matter how long it takes, I will add another edit and let you all know.


Just a friendly reminder that we provide the Third Party forums as a courtesy for discussion of said products.

You may want to join the official PMDG forum and this thread which is talking about this potential defect:

Any PMDG response will start there in their own fora.


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The PMDG DC-6 on Xbox is not operation. Switches cannot be turned out properly. The aircraft is 100 % unflyable. There has been report on the discord and PMDG forums.

For a 54.99 USD aircraft, I think it will make angry a lot of customer. This needs to be removed from the marketplace until a hotfix is issue.


Thanks for FAST heads up update.

I was about to click “buy.”


The DC6 has been ready for a while now. If the simupdate broke it you really should head out to PMDG directly and ask for help. They are highly competent and fast to reply., you’ll need to register a support account.

Beside that the DC6 works well on my PC version and I was told countless time here that the xbox was nothing other than a PC? So maybe look at another direction with that 6…


First issue was reported 2-3 ago on their forum. Without any reaction from PMDG. They do not care.
Fix will not come shortly because of huge backlog of items to deliver on marketplace. See JU-52 - how many issues are there, fully reported and described. 2 months after release we did not see any fix from “first party” developer.

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Does it fly with the Xbox controller on PC or is that also completely broken?

Broken. You can’t even click on the gust lock.

The forum is no official support, I know them a bit and I suppose they are heavily at work fixing if and what’s in their power.