PMDG DC-6 - Simbrief Profiles

Hello Flightsimmers,

i updated Simbriefs DC-6 Profil to match the airframe weights used by PMDG and i want to share these with you.

Simbrief DC6A (Cargo)

Simbrief DC6B (Pax)

Happy landings o/


Perfect timing, I’ve been looking at her sitting in my hangar, thinking that I need to do some flying.



Thanks for this, as per above, I am also going to start flying her more again.

Been sitting around for too long and its a great aircraft.

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Thanks for your effort and sharing.

I have been looking for these.

Now let me get then back in the air.

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I spotted one error that might cause Simbrief to flake out a bit - your Max Landing Weight is too low. You can’t have a MLW that is less than your Max ZFW - that makes no sense. I’ve been sniffing around and the best I can find is that the MLW for both the DC-6A and DC-6B is 95,000 lbs. For the original DC-6 it was about 3,000 lbs less.
Otherwise, all your other numbers look good. Although if you REALLY want to get picky about it, the Engine Type of the DC-6B was the R2800-CB17, not the CB16.

Hello @Dreadnought06y,
thank you for spotting that out. Currently i have 83,148 lbs as Max ZFW. This Number came up, when you set 0 fuel and full cargo/passengers on the Tablet in the DC-6. So even when the EFB allows this Number to be set, i understand your point, that is not the right weight for the wing limits.
Taking a look at PMDGs operations Manual gives a MZFW of 74,000lbs and a MLW of 80,000lbs.

i will change the Max ZFW to 74,000lbs and i would keep the landing weight at 80,000lbs.
Did you experience any Problems with the 83,148lbs so far?

For the engine PMDG is only talking about the CB-16

i don´t think they modeled different engines and that both variants are using CB-16s in MSFS, so i would keep the CB16.

I haven’t tried it out yet. I suffered a hard disk crash, then built an entirely new computer (I just used the hard drive crash as a good excuse, LOL) and had to reinstall everything. Unfortunately I lost in the crash My Excel spreadsheet that contained all my customized checklists, performance calculators etc for every aircraft, that I painstakingly compiled over the past 3 years :sob:. A proper checklist takes at least 5-6 hours for me to do as I like it, and I haven’t gotten around to the DC-6 yet. Don’t you love computer crashes…

oh, sounds like you put a lot of work into it, sad to hear that it got lost. :frowning:
For the DC-6 i like to use DC-6 Complete Checklist (Normal Procedures) für Microsoft Flight Simulator | MSFS (flightsim to link) i has the checklist sand the most important charts and tables summarized in the document. Maybe it helps you out. Then there is nice picture in the Manual for a Pattern with the DC-6, which speeds and flaps settings are recommended for a Approach, this really helps when you haven’t flown the plane for a while. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip. The only complaint I have about this plane is that I wish PMDG would make sure there were allowances for the camera to move to the back of the throttle quad, where the fuel tank controls etc are. I have a hard time getting a view back there where you can read them.

I thought View 3 did precisely that, no?

(I think it’s 3. I’ll load the sim later and verify.)

EDIT: Yes, View 3:

That’s about the best I can get too. You still can’t see behind the selector levers (marked S).

Minor complaint, but I wish I could see it better.