PMDG DC6 crashing to desktop while initiating

Can not load DC6, even after downloading and installing it again. It CTD while loading the airplane. On PC Windows 10, no additional liveries. Changed to DX11, seems to fix it, but after a few trials it CTD 5 or 10 min after running.

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MSFS Is CTD 5 to 10 min after starting any aircraft, even MSFS ones like the B787 or B747. Same happens with DC6 or Spitfire. PC with W10, DX11. Was working normally 5 days ago.

Well in this case it is not a Cloudmaster-specific problem.

I had a similar problem after activating DX12 and had the Cloudmaster crash every single time when it was loading. After checking out that it was DX12 related I could help this guy in the PMDG forum:

But I think I also have an idea what might cause the crashes in your flight sim.
Do you have various online and multiplayer and live weather functions on and running? These make to crash the sim constantly while flying, offline the sim becomes super-stable and can function properly for hours. :slight_smile: Give it a try offline without live-weather and with multiplayer switched off (if this does not make the sim stable, also try Bing data off).

Last monday a new NVidea driver was launched. Apparently it solved the problem, it CTD just once after the new driver. Iinstalled the same driver again and from then on I had no more CTD.