PMDG developing Boeing 757

Exciting tease from PMDG. Can’t wait to see 737 hit the Marketplace by end of the year, but 757 is a great addition for those who want to fly long distances (not in a wide body).


Bob might remember me as the guy that would trade my wife for a B757. That might have been back in the days of Fly! 2, which was a masterpiece. What a joy it would be to be flying a B757 from PMDG inside MSFS. There has to be millions of pilots that want a 757 from PMDG for MSFS.

I know I might be beating a dead horse, but I wanted to just kick it one more time.

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Let me lend you a boot!! I agree, we really need a solid 757. I don’t care who makes it as long as its feature rich and has a freighter version! Kick!

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By the time PMDG gets a 757 out in the sim someone will have made a 797 for MSFS2020.

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Wow this is absolute amazing news!! My favorite aircraft the 757 now developed by two development teams.

When the marriage has come so far every bigger OLED television, random car part, and in some cases even a patch for MS Paint or a bottle of Vodka becomes more interesting… :smiley: Don´t worry too much about that, in 2022 50% of mankind is thinking that way.
And it´s a 757, there has never been a good study-level 757 ever for any simulator! Everyone would want a 757, except people who prefer the 767.

I’m old and after a couple of TBI’s, I don’t remember so good, however I seem to remember the PMDG B757 for Fly2 was pretty ■■■■ good. We need a solid 757 for MSFS though, its time has come.

PMDG does not have a 757 yet, but Captain Sim (in the old glorious Captain Sim days before Captain Sim became some arcade third person developer using generic Jumbo Jet instruments) had a superb 757 :slight_smile: