PMDG Liveries No EFB

Any reason why there is no EFB in many of these “official” liveries? I’ve had several not show up which I obtained from the PMDG installer liveries section.

I guess those liveries were created before EFB was released. Just turn EFB in FMC settings and it will stay ON forever.

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You need to activate the Flight Tablet in the FMC options. Look under the Aircraft Equipment Options items. This is a per-livery setting.

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Ah, ok. Awesome. I’ll give it a shot. I didn’t even know that was an option. Thanks.

Yeah that worked. Looking at the FMC settings, it looks like maybe the designer of the livery intentionally is trying to make the Delta Shuttle version an older model with no EFB. Some of the other settings would indicate this.

Thanks again.