PMDG pushback balance issue?

Is anyone else experiencing this when using the PMDG 737 pushback? I don’t think I’m loading the aircraft fuel and payload incorrectly but maybe I am? lol When I press stop it levels off to normal and doesn’t give me any problems during taxi/flight.

Do you have the lift nose wheel option on? If so turn it off.

I’ve seen it once on a Cpt Canada stream.

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i can imagine only as improper balance of aircrsft. Try quick simple test, set weight to empty and trim to neutral for sure, then do test again.

you set break ?

Moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft as this references the PMDG 737. The #bugs-and-issues are more for reports on core sim bugs following the provided template.

Parking break…?

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Did you take off the Wheel Chocks?

I’ve seen this occasionally in Youtube streams but never seen it myself. Are you using any third-party pushback utilities? I’ve been using the PMDG pushback utility instead of my usual Toolbar Pushback.

I’m pretty sure I have parking brake off but I will double check. I use the Thrustmaste TCA Airbus throttle and it’s difficult for me to determine if the parking is off or on until I want to start taxiing but that is probably it.