PMS50 and WT NXi

There is some conflicting info on the developer’s web site, Aircraft.

It says at the top the NXi requires a patch to work with the GTN750. On the bottom of the page it says the Working Title NXi is not compatible with the G1000 MFD replacement mode.

Can anyone clarify?

As I understand it, the NXi and PMS GTN650 / GTN750 are mostly incompatible in terms of working in the cockpit with the exception of the aircraft listed on that page under the heading " In-cockpit WTT Mode", for which there are additional packages to be installed.

For every other aircraft that is PMS compatible, there is an ability to use both, with NXi in the cockpit and the ability to use the PMS GTN650 / GTN750 toolbar panel, provided the appropriate packages are also installed in the community folder.

There is a documentation pdf in a documentation folder that comes with the main PMS package that has a section titled: “WT G1000 Nxi compatibility”. It is also available on this page with a clickable link " Documentation – Installation instructions"

The documentation also includes a link to their discord server where it is possible to ask for further information. Note: the link in the documentation pdf differs from the link on their support page The link on the support page seems to be the accurate discord server link and is the one I have used here.


I am totally not understanding waht is happening with Asobo, WT and PMS wrt GPS, AP and Nav systems.

There is so much mixed information out there now, much of it old and dated, that it is very difficult for someone who has NOT been following this form day one, to make any sense of it.

What would be idea, is for those involved in these advances, to post STATE OF THE SIM info , that describes exactly what the plans are,where things are, and what has recently chnaged.

@N6722C It is my understanding, and I may be wrong, that at some point WT will complete the work on the NXi and it will becomes a “core” sim feature for default relevant aircraft. At such a time (if my hunch is correct), there will be no marketplace download for the NXi as that will be redundant (as its functionality will be integrated at the core level). I have no idea what the timescale for this may be. However, if this does transpire to be the case, then it may assist other 3rd parties to clarify how their avionic’s mods can be used with MSFS.

I do tend to agree that it can be somewhat confusing with the current arrangements.

That is my understanding as well, and when it is, there will be less confusion as well… but you raise an interesting point of even you not knowing. :wink:

"It is my understanding, and I may be wrong, that at some point WT will complete the work on the NXi and it will becomes a “core” sim feature for default relevant aircraft."

Surely by now, this should be know for sure, that this will be the way things are Planned to go ?

It feels nearly complete and they made a statement a while back they were winding down to be focusing on the G3000. It does have a few minor bugs but nothing like the sim as a whole.

What confuses me is the shared software overlap between the Garmin systems.

It will likely be part of some SU. My guess is the 40th anniversary edition.

Personal Comments

Based on many conversations with the Working Title team offline and on their Discord:

  1. Most FMS in stock sim planes (Garmin, Rockwell-Collins on the CJ4, even possibly extending to the stock jetliners like the 787) need to be cut over to WT’s improved flight planning model which understands all possible AIRAC Procedure and Leg Types. As an add-on, every WT modified FMS today overrides the sim’s Flight Planning logic when installed and used.

  2. When all the FMS are upgraded, then WT can cut over the Flight Planning code inside the sim to their version.

  3. At which point the FMS they have upgraded can become part of the sim core code as well, instead of an Add-On, because it can talk to and understand the core sim FP code.

That’s the last understanding I have of the long term plan. I encourage folks to join their Discord Server and ask questions there. The Team is very open and forthcoming with inquiries.

Hope this helps.

That sounds a long ways off then.

Ten year project.

One of the things that might make it even longer is the extended Beta Test cycles for Sim Updates. If for some reason a sim update is required to release one of the FMS versions or a point update to all of them, then the cascade effect makes everything longer.

Be careful of wishes as they say.

It’s nice being able to opt in. I’d be happy to see the G3000 hit the marketplace. But grabbing it now directly from WT.

After getting used to the NXi the other systems feel lacking.

But what does this do for the smaller GA planes, that have the GTN750, and GNS530/540, with separate Autopilots.

Will the Asobo GA Planes & their systems be updated as well, to use the new (soon to be replaced) Flight Planning logic, and how and how will that go on to affect the now, or future available version of these GA GPS & AP systems, ??

Then if the Asobo GA planes are updated, what about all the Payware & Shareware GA planes ?

OR will there still be inferior LEGACY Flight Planning logic in the sim, that those smaller GA plane will only be able to use.

From the viewpoint of a GA pilot, flying older GA planes, thing are still very confusing and undefined as to where things are headed.

Will WT being doing this, or will it fall on 3rd Party Devs, like PMS50, to fill in the gaps ?

WT provides the open source code so other 3rd Parties can develop on the improvements like PMS does. Asobo will have to address the other subsystems like Autopilot. Beyond that, you already know that many third parties are rolling their own FMS implementations - CRJ, PMDG 73x, etc. How they choose to roll it out is up to them. The platform is open.