PMS50 GTN750 Project

We are pleased to announce a new aircraft in the GTN750 family: The Just Flight PA38 Tomahawk.

WTT mode is natively supported.
Even if the airplane doesn’t have an autopilot, you can use the GTN750 built-in autopilot panel.


Heh just flew this setup yesterday, looks and works great! Although that’s quite the dive there…

Is there a reverse flight plan option or is that the paid version?

see the comparison chart here: GPS for MSFS2020

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  • Bugfix: Workaround to a WT issue: wrong DTK when the aircraft is on the ground and not moving.

We are pleased to announce a new aircraft in the GTN750 family: The Black Square Duke.

WTT mode is natively supported.


The GTN750 is now available to XBOX users in the Hangar Studios 713 Navion B


The FSReborn Sting S4 is the first aircraft providing the GTN750 with the new WT G3X avionics for both PC and XBOX version
There is no more GPS hot swapping, you have to choose a GTN750 livery.
If you have installed some additional WTT package for this aircraft, you should remove it from your community folder.


Got some issues with the decent calculator in the Duke. Have you heard of anything?

Guys, nub question. Am just getting into using the GTN750 but I cant seem to get an API code from AVWX to activate the METAR. I can put my details in but I never receive the email to verify my account so I cant get code. I have tried several times re-sending the email etc but to no avail. Any idea where I can get one ?

Don’t want to state the obvious but have you checked your junk folder? The email I got from them went in there.

@ScorpionFilm422 can you please keep updating us as more Xbox planes receive the GTN750? Works great in the C414.

Is there a list of planes on Xbox that current have the capability?


Just another interested user here. I found out this morning that the NextGen EMB 110 got updated to include it on Xbox. Tested it out and it seems to be working great as well.

See the list of compatible aircraft here: Aircraft

The ones with the XBOX icon are also available on XBOX.

It’s working in my Flyndive Smaug (which isn’t in the list.)
It’s a fictional plane that’s loosely based on Mike Patey’s turbine-powered Wilga, which is in the list. Maybe that’s why it works?

This is huge that you’ve enabled it on Xbox. Excellent work you all are doing for us Xbox users, thanks so much. Keep them coming!


The GTN750 is now available to XBOX users in the NextGen Simulations EMB110 Bandeirante


Hey team. Bought the premium version for use in the new Lear Jet. So far I can only get the toolbar version to open. The plane is powered on and all avionics appear to be hunky dory. I’ve got the mod in the folder in the correct community folder. Did I misunderstand and this is just a panel that sits on top of the screen……?

FSW Learjet 35A ?

Natively supported

No additional package required

With the Learjet, you have to choose a livery for the GTN750.

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Thanks for the response. User error here. I chose the wrong livery. Appreciate the quick support.