POI “point of interest” marker in parking spot

I thought the blue lines and marshaling guy were suppose to be helpful.
Not very if you cant see the guy due to the stupid parking sign. lI trust this will be addressed in SU6. It doesnt seem to be a completed issue but is very annoying.

These guys are not going to do anything for you. They just stand around and do nothing all day. If you don’t believe me, go Options/ Assistance Options and put NAVIGATION AIDS to “Hard”. Then you don’t see all this taxi things painted over your view.


The blot would be points of interest, if you toggle that it will go away.


The taxi assist arrows are far too large and obtrusive. The FSX version, which could be toggled with a keystroke was much better, and very useful in the event you became a bit lost around the airport. Also it seems to me most taxi-way signs seem to be orientated primarily for departing aircraft, and not very good for arrivals.

That’s easily fixed. Get smaller ones from flightsim.to. It’s called Subtle Taxi Ribbon and you get a choice of sizes.


Surely not so. The marshaling guy does a good job guiding you in as they do in real life. That works well.
The logo is just in a bad place.

“I trust this will be fixed…” I think there are much bigger fish to fry than this. :slight_smile:


I merely expressed a hope they will fix it. Being guided onto a stand or parking as in real life works well.

DRAT why didn’t I think of that :sob:
Thanks for pointing that out. I could kick myself :rage:

Got it. I’m also expressing an opinion that this is the least of our concerns. :slight_smile:

They involve replacing files in the SIM. I rather not do that at this time. But if they don’t fix it then I will consider. I am aware of that fix.

The little green one merges well with the green center line markers, sometimes almost hard to see.

Deffo need to be smaller. Way to big.

Also why do the landing guides have shadows?


I’m actually still using TinyTaxiRibbon which has worked since WU3 (creator dropped support)


as i have no other issues apart from the market place, it isnt the least of my concern so please allow me to voice my displeasure about this without your censure.

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I was going to suggest Subtle Taxi Ribbons as well because I thought the OP was looking for a solution…. Silly me, it is the forums so should have known better :slight_smile:


I am looking for a solution provided by MS not a third party add on that involve replacing actual SIM files. It may work fine but isnt something I want to do at this time. But I am aware of this fix and may apply it if MS for reasons best known to themselves dont fix these things.

Are you under the impression that an opinion that differs from your own amounts to censure? Because… that’s not how that works. :slight_smile:

It’s not broken you just dont like it.

its broken as you can see. And you are right, I dont like it. But I am sure that it will be fixed.
In programming terms it is an ‘unintentional misplacement of an object’. A bug.