Pointed at a Building

I just tried to set up a world map flight for the second time. The first time I let it start me on the runway, but this time I thought I’d go through all the checklists etc… But it’s started me pointed straight at a building! There’s no reverse? Big planes get pushbacks from gates, but it doesn’t look like there’s room for any vehicle between me and the building?

In this instance, use SHIFT + P and you’re all good.

Ok, I’ll try that. Phat does shift P represent and how was I supposed to know this? (is there something I’ve missed where I can find this stuff without posting here?) I’ve done all the tutorials until the airliner, which seems like I should wait till I master some more basic stuff before trying that…

It’s just the keyboard command for toggling pushback, even if there’s no equipment present. Just don’t forget to turn off your parking brake.

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