Points/Reward system

Just a thought:

What if Microsoft implemented some sort of points or rewards system, like completing 1000 landings, finishing bush trip missions, so many flight hours, etc which gave points we could redeem in the store? Ubisoft does this and after 200 points you can cash in your points towards a 20% off coupon in their store. It would encourage people to fly more and spend more in the store. Most of us want some reason to fly, and despite the addons like FSE or Air Hauler that give us “missions”, there’s still no tangible reward. This type of system could easily make up for it. Even exclusive gear like a free livery for being an alpha/beta/insder or other content that some people have to pay a small fee for but completing certain tasks you get for free. The system is there with the activities and built-in store.

Just a thought, I don’t know if it had been discussed anywhere.

I like the idea, gives us a reason to try and do as much flying as we can, and it would make us spend money in the store