POI's missing in Gibraltar

Since WU8 (and after install Iberia) all POI’s are missing in Gibraltar.
(Build Version 1.24.5 when I first started experiencing this issue)

Have you downloaded the world update? You actively need to download them from the ingame content manager or ingame store. Yeah its a pretty bad UX to download updates

What is a UX??

User experience

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They are all there for me, as labels anyway. I’m not too sure what the reason for adding these is though, as the buildings are all just generic and all extraordinarily unrealistic. Nothing to see here!

Here it is in the marketplace, it doesnt tell you but you need to download it here to have it.

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There is no way people don’t know this already. There have been 8 world updates so it’s impossible that the OP does not know to download the update separately.

As this isn’t a bug, topic moved into #self-service:scenery

Yes I install World Update 8 and yes I see all the labels and yes most of the POI’s in Spain are really there but not in the neighborhood of Gibraltar. By example the soccer stadium near the airport is flat; there is no mod there.
Maybe it is an installation error but I have seen no strange things during that process.
I think look for your self.

First two pictures are from " Discovery Flight " do you see these POI ?

Yes the football field looks flat!

The next 2 pictures are from the “World Map” . Do you see these?

Yes the football field still looks flat.

If your not seeing like this. First make sure your data settings are on and you haven’t met your data limit(if you set one) See picture:

Also check the “Content Manager” for any other updates.

Today I got a Word Update 8 update. Don’t know why and see no difference

That update was only to remove a few duplicate files.

See POI 1.0.1

I think I got the answer: POI without a yellow exclamation mark (! = new content) do not have a mod (object). For me its a new experience.

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