POIs on World Map with plug symbol

What does this mean? I have a few around Hawaii and Florida. POIs with a small black plug symbol next to them, appearing on the World Map. All World Updates installed.

The explanation is in the World Map Legend which states it is “Third Party Content”.
My take on it is that the addon is displayed as a “plug in”



There needs to be something that says what addon added those custom POIs. I have a buch that i have no idea where they came from. I just have addon planes. No custom scenery except free ones on the marketplace.

Airports with charging stations? :crazy_face:

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if you have Navigraph, that could explain it.

Thank you. not navigraph unfortunately, dont use it. most my addons are just planes and avionics. mosly payware planes and a handful of freeware ones. only scenery I have installed are my local airport, and 2 free ones on the marketplace. my only other mods are the pms gtn750, pms gns 430/530 mod, and working tittle g3000 mod.

I know at least 2 of the planes come with an airport like the gotfriends wilga and the gotfriends glider. the //42 FreedomFox / Fox2 also has custom scenery but come in their own seperate pakages and made sure not to install those.

For Tesla planes

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Well, you can always ‘pull the plug’ and see what happens
although it may mean Hawaii may go down the plug hole !
Best to see them as third party insertions.

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If you use AddonsLinker, it can show you a map of your community add-ons.

I do have have a series of POIs along the US border and territories that I’m not sure where they came from. It almost seems like they are from official content.

The plug icon was really useful in the past since it showed my payware airports.

However, since I installed GSX pretty much every airport has this icon so it stopped being useful :frowning:

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