[POLL] Which MSFS feature are you looking forward to?

Agreed - there is no way to stop time - although the one thing I must check is if you use ESC then choose save, does time stop while the save dialog box is open. I think it might as the sim GPU/CPU rate drops to close to zero when in this dialog box. Might be a workaround. Sorry if a bit off topic.

There are some power line towers in the scenery, I don’t think all exist. And I’m pretty sure what is there isn’t accurate. I see big towers in places where I don’t see them in real life from my local airports.

The power lines themselves would be cool, too, especially for helicopter flying, but that’s lower on the list for me.

There are databases for all VFR obstructions and landmark type data that could be relatively quickly implemented, similar to what Ultimate Terrain has done for 20 years or so.

Water towers are especially important. These are major landmarks, and it’s quite annoying seeing Azure model them with homes in weird shapes.

I think the community came to the conclusion that the power lines were based on OSM data. It may be worth taking a look there, perhaps there is some mistake. Or maybe they need a way to read a couple of different shapes for these towers.

‘we need powerlines’ is going to result in the devs dismissing it as they think they already did it. :wink:

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Force Feedback joysticks support, if not natively, at least through the SDK


Is it not supported already since it was in FSX?
Have you tried adding the FFB lines from FSX to an aircraft.cfg file?

Not that I disagree, I’ve been meaning to break out my old FFB stick to see if it works. I loved that thing back when I used to use it.

I think there are many people going to be happy if you find them a way to have force feedback. :slight_smile:

Here’s an example of a Forcefeedback section from FSX. Anyone got a FFB stick up and running wanna give it a go by adding it to an aircraft.cfg, like maybe for the C152 or something?

gear_bump_nose_magnitude = 6000
gear_bump_nose_direction = 18000
gear_bump_nose_duration = 250000
gear_bump_left_magnitude = 6000
gear_bump_left_direction = 35500
gear_bump_left_duration = 250000
gear_bump_right_magnitude = 6000
gear_bump_right_direction = 500
gear_bump_right_duration = 250000
ground_bumps_magnitude1 = 3250
ground_bumps_angle1 = 8900
ground_bumps_intercept1 = 5
ground_bumps_slope1 = 0.48
ground_bumps_magnitude2 = 750
ground_bumps_angle2 = 9100
ground_bumps_intercept2 = 0.075
ground_bumps_slope2 = 1
crash_magnitude1 = 10000
crash_direction1 = 1000
crash_magnitude2 = 10000
crash_direction2 = 9000
crash_period2 = 75000
crash_duration2 = 2500000
stick_shaker_magnitude = 5000
stick_shaker_direction = 0
stick_shaker_period = 111111

Here’s the P3D SDK section… capability seems pretty limited, I don’t see any options for flight parameters, but I certainly remember feeling it when I flew many, many moons ago?

Some more info http://www.prepared3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=128996

I wonder if there’s any facility for this through FSUIPC? There must be.

Not that I know. You can change time, yes, but it has no effect on the weather.

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PMDG 737 was announced to be coming in the next year or two!!

Thank you for voting, I’ll add it to the count :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Roger that! Added to the count, thanks for voting!

This would be pretty neat. Added on, thanks for voting!

Multi - Monitor
Supersonic Aircraft


Added to the poll! Thank you for voting :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This really needs to be set up in a “polling” system so that an accurate count can be maintained.
It would also be so much easier and fun to watch the topics rise and fall in popularity.
It could also keep the list smaller by not listing items that have fewer than “x” number of Yea’s

I’ve just tried it out with a Microsoft SW FF2: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

UPDATE: in fact this section is already there in the gameplay.cfg file! A placeholder for now most likely because there is no effect whatsoever I can feel with the FF2.


Forget new features for now. When the hell are they going to fix the gazillion bugs?

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Mine is the same as you, replay mode, but every time the developers are asked about it they go very quiet and we don’t seem to get a definite answer. I just don’t understand why they can’t implement even a simple landing or take off replay. It is in all the other sims.

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Since VR is coming in a week I won´t vote for it. DirectX12 is what I really think will be a game changer (DLSS and the likes)

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The MSFS feature I am looking forward to most,:
Being able to complete a fight, without a system failure.

After that, everything else is just gravy.

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