Force feedback support

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FORCE FEEDBACK!!! Not only would it be great to feel the effect of the local winds on my aircraft, but it also would be lovely to feel the aircraft in my hands. I know this has been requested before, just not upvoted. Please let us know how popular this would be as a request! Thank you.

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See Russel Dirk’s site, fsforce. Coming soon.


Not nearly soon enough! This patience thing is over rated…hurry up SDK! :laughing:


Really need Force Feedback support for those of us who still have the legendary Sidewinder Joysticks.

Spring loaded joysticks, no matter how many buttons, switches or flashy lights they have will never compare to getting force feedback so you can properly trim your aircraft.


FFB would be a natural for FS2020 - it should be there as standard. Bought XPForce works very well.


@ RegretfulMouse2

I have also bought XPforce, but FFB do not works on FS2020.

How did you managed to make it work with FS2020 ?


Please add force feedback in for supported peripherals - it would add an enormous amount of immersion back in.

Even better yet, release FF hardware and profiles!


I would think the hardware itself would need to support this, and right now I’m not sure anything does…

There is FF hardware out there, and it runs beautifully in other sims like P3D! Shame it isn’t yet supported in FS…

What’s one example?

Brunner comes to mind. There’s also one by Flight Illusion. All of which are wayyy out of my price range, but, one can dream.

I agree…theres nothing like wrestling an aircraft to the ground.

I’m using my Logitech G940 FCS but there’s a few other old gems out there if you’re on a budget. Brunner is the RR

Hi @ResurgentCord18, Since there is a similar topic, going to merge this one with the other. That way all the votes are in 1 place. Thanks for understanding.

Vote for a force feedback in MFS2020 too :wink:

Ther are different applications for each Flight sim you need the one specifically for FS2020 - the one for XP won’t do it. I think they discount for people who already own XPForce.

Yes, the SDK is taking too long. Asobo, come on, FFB is the icing on the cake!

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Folks, I must remind everyone that both FSX and Prepar3D support FFB OUT OF THE BOX. I own a Logitech Wingman wireless joypad and above all a Force3DPro joy from Logitech too. In FSX/P3D they still work after 15 years or so under W10 64 bit (i bought them in the XP era) With FSXX, they work out of the box, but without FFB. I’ve tried the latest XPForce demo compiled specifically for FSXX. It works well, but I can’t understand why there isn’t native support in FSXX. Just port the old FSX code, it’s always managed with DX10 or DX11 after all! For some reason (patents maybe) there are almost no FFB devices on the market, but in the simmer community they’re still widely used.

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I must be missing something here because I am getting Force Feedback on my Microsoft Focefeedback2 / Sidewinder Joystick that I still have from the earlier MSFS games.

Side winder FFB 2 WORKS with XPForce MSFS

Here is the link to buy the plugin (download on the bottom of the page)

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