Force feedback support

Anyone confirms that XPForce works will all sticks (except Saitek EVO Force)? How is it? Any reviews? It is meh or good?

Looks like we are back to X-plane days, huh? We have to pay for every fix.


So far, it has been tested on:

  • Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2
  • Logitech G940
  • Logitech Force 3D Pro
  • Iris Dynamics Yoke

Probably not what your looking for but the XBOX controller has force feedback out of the box.


Yes, we need Force Feedback support for existing controllers such as the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2. I have one of those, still works really well, but, it’s totally unsupported by MSFS 2020. Very disappointing. Please add support sooner rather than later people! We should not have to pay for 3rd party things to enable such devices.


From my testing, it works barely… and mostly on the ground. Even in complete tempests, I don’t get much if any feedback at all with my Sidewinder FF2 and XPForce.

There’s some outputs that are probably missing in the current version of MSFS for it to work properly (I’m refering to the FS Force announcement), I truly hope to see them implemented :smile:

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Thanks for the feedback. I was going to spend money on it. I rather wait for FSForce. He’s giving regular updates about the development. I do hope it is implemented right, because FFB makes a hell of a difference.

I have xpforce, and it works prety well for pitch axis and ground feedback, but that’s about it. No FFB for Roll and yaw. All in all it’s not bad, forces decrease with slowing/stall.

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IF Asobo is going to add support for MS Sidewinder 2 FF, at a minimum, could they support the Thrustmaster “Top Gun” FF stick, to a point where MSFS does not CTD when it is plugged in.

Does not need a default profile by ASOBO, just MSFS not to CTD when it detects the stick is plugged in. (ie before start, or during running)

we need more votes



Many of us have invested in your joysticks, like the Microsoft Sidewinder Force Feedback 2. It would seem reasonable that Microsoft Flight Simulator be able to use a Microsoft branded flight stick. Please honor your customers who have been with MSFS and MS Hardware for a long time, and add support for your own joysticks. Thank you.


Or even better, release a new batch of hardware!


Sadly were in the catch 22 right now. Nothing has 2 axis force feedback, so nobody will make the hardware, and without the hardware…nobody is going to write in 2 axis FFB.

Even though DCS AND IL-2 both have pretty ok DirectX FFB just waiting for new goodies to plug into them.

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I found this, you may haven’t tried it

looks interesting, I tried but its not working for me. Maybe I use it wrong?

I tried it as well a week ago, did not seem to work for me either.
The TEST forces seem to work, but in MSFS, there were no MSFS forces.

XpForce on the other hand, seems to work quite well.

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yeah this is sad :frowning: is a shame for Microsoft

Well, that would be to be by design.

  • The SFF2 stick is not equipped to provide force feedback on the yaw axis, but only centering spring forces.
  • XPforce does for now provide a limited force approximation on the roll axis, which you can tune in the XPForce settings window. If I am not mistaken, due to current SDK limitations,it does not yet reflect aerodynamic forces caused by speed and attitude changes.
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Sorry to hear that. It works fine for me.

Do you please have a link to provide for these updates?
Here is the thread I’m watching, that didn’t get updated for a while by the developer.


Not even the legacy functionality seems to be enabled despite the configs being there. It’s 2020, please implement a proper physics based force feedback. This isn’t something that should require a third party plugin to solve.