Force feedback support

That’s the one. I think he updated two or three times since the start. I guess we might see it only in 2021. Given the conditions, with updates screwing everything, I’m not in a hurry.

Still wondering why Force Feedback wasn’t implemented from the get-go. Vote it up guys, if you haven’t.

So, just replying here to update the dust off this thread, my G940 is itchin to get to work.

And yes, @FunkiSushi Still waiting for FSForce as well, it’s just that Russ needs the SDK to work, and from what i read, the FFB to be opened up by the devboys.

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Sorry to say the latest update is that FS Force will not be coming out. Russ does not have the time for it. See the project’s news in the official forum

Your vote counts now more than ever so tell your family, friends and your fellow country-folk to VOTE.

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My suggestion would be to let other continue with it’s development – put it up on GitHub as a Project, and allocate someone to run it.

How ? Hav the same and is impossible

Doubtful for a payware addon. It’s like $35 USD for the FFB and another $25 for the Yoke extension. Of course he mentions this AFTER I source and buy all the parts for a DIY FFB Yoke. He gave no indication before that he wasn’t going to have time for it. All he said was he was going to wait on the SDK to be developed. Extremely disappointed.

I would love if XP Force included a fast start. I start the sim, grab a coffee, do a puzzle, make sourdough and then come back to it.

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Have you tried XPforce ? That developer is very responsive, and often posts in this forum.

I did reach out and mention it. I didn’t get any response though. Hopefully it’s included in an update.

Massive vote from me to provide native support.
Purely because of my Open Source DIY FFB Yoke project. Check it out!!


If you are using the original Sidewinder 2 FF logic, then there are two things you can do to greatly increase the forces.
(1) Mod the board … by soldering some additional resistors across existing one, to increase motor torque.
(2) Use a new High Current capacity Power supply.

For full details Google “Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Mods”

I’ve done the resistor mod but it turned out to be too strong for the current design.
However I’m working on 2nd version with extreme forces in mind.
Never heard of the PSU mod. will check it out.
Here’s the second gen design.


Too strong ? that’s not normally an issue… you can always turn it down if needed in the software, but as standard, normally, the max torques is not enough, without some Modification – THEN you need the bigger power supply.

So when do you go into commercial production and make a killing. ?

too strong for 3d printed pulleys and bracket holding the motor. Also the belt is quite narrow so there are certain limitations though.
Although I can turn the forces down via software, using the yoke with Aerofly FS2 only provides basic spring effect on bull blast.
The second gen yoke however won’t have any issues coping with these forces…

Well thanks very much for the project! I’m currently building your V1 design

So, microsoft/asobo, Any plans to include actual reactive Force Feedback into your sim?



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That is all part of next gen flight sim. Would be nice

They don’t come here to talk with us unwashed masses.

I’d like to get showered in FFB goodies though?

Awsome design VRFlightsim386!

Vote this thread up guys :slight_smile:

@Cacazor : You might want to reread Russ’s thread a bit… he didn’t say he was closing the door on the project, just that other obligations are in the way, but with a lot of reprogramming, he might be able to get FSForce to run in MSFS2020… if it’s not being a MFFS in 2021 where the SDK is concerned…
If all, i’d wished Flightsim was more ready than it is now, but “patience is a virtue”, even though it’s getting tested quite alot. Hang in there!

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