October 5 windows 11

Its already supported i have been usin WIN 11 since June 2021…the sim runs flawlessly…game mode actually works also in WIN 11

MSFS development started a long time ago, when windows 10 was the “last and definitive windows version”. They were not expecting a new version of W11 at that time…maybe MSFS will not be fully optimized to this new windows but, for sure, it will in some SU.

Isn’t the force feedback issue is because if the legality of using the technology itself. I think Microsoft are not legally allowed to support it even if they want to.

If I remember it correctly the Force Feedback Hardware from all the hardware manufacturers seems to disappear overnight. No one makes the anymore and no one is supporting them anymore. Something to do with a patent infringement of something. And no manufacturers are allowed to make or support any force feedback hardware technology anymore. That’s why we haven’t seen anything like that in flight Sim hardware in over a decade.

You mean the one that has not been in production for many years? No company supports its products forever. Usually just for a few years.

Brunner is making force feedback hardware for flight simming.

If a MSFS update caused this kind of performance drop (> 2 fps) there would be a massive outcry on this forum!

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I don’t believe I have a solve for your question, but related to it, here is a topic about force feedback with lots of details about this question and more, you might want to check out to see if you agree with:

Force feedback support - Self-Service / Wishlist - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

No, I meant supporting the force feedback functionality, not the joystick as a piece of hardware…

Please search the aforementioned topic for more details about what I mean with “supporting” the functionality, it is detailed in one of my post.

Not really sure on what the deal was with MS and their Force Feedback. I know it was a very popular stick and brings some good money even today if you can find one.
But Logitech did provide a FFB stick for a short time - their G940, it apparently crashed and burned though.

Racing Wheels - there are plenty of them in FFB. I have a Logitech FFB racing wheel setup myself.

Both are related. As much as I would love to have FF in MSFS, none of the big guys (Saitek, Thrustmaster) offers FF hardware for MSFS currently. I know the basic functionality is there from FSX, but to do it properly, surely a lot of more work is required… but doing all that work for legacy hardware is just not a priority.
I really do hope that Thrustmaster or even smaller players like Honeycomb will come up with new FF products, then Asobo will definitely take a second look. Maybe those companies are already talking with Asobo, I believe it has to be a coordinated effort. When new FF hardware release, it should be supported out of the box.
But I would not expect Asobo taking their time to code support for features that no current “affordable” hardware supports.

sounds like my experience too. I can go many days without a CTD, then bang, one after the other … then the next day all is good again. Its all a mystery!

I really meant the following :slight_smile:

Anyhow they must have much important things to do than this, let alone reading this topic I guess.

Yep. More important than fixing this “GAME”.

there many causes of that fps drop, windefender, some other interferes services, sure kernel of win 11 and all gaming services will more optimize than win 10, and for sure video drivers with time will better feel in new windows environment… but question stay same - will asobo officially support it from official windows upgrade date

this is so simple as sound, just about official support from first day, only irrational curious :slight_smile:

They probably need to unplug certain lights and the toaster. I hear you also can’t run the vacuum or move any dust because that changes the way the electrons internally are being routed by Asobo for more power and higher frame rates which is the end users fault and not theirs.

They can’t keep things from getting worse withOUT DX. I don’t think they could successfully get DX running…these guys aren’t up to the task.

I’ve been using Win11 for a while now and it’s quite good.
I don’t know about official support, but when I recently sent a ticket to zendesk, Windows 11 was an option in the OS. So concerning zendesk, you can already select Win11

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Funnily I have found the opposite on my ultra low end card (GT1030), W11 gives a definite 2 or 3 fps more (tested on minimum settings @ 720p, volumetrics off)

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