Ms Sidewinder Force Feedback 2

To use the joystick there must only be force feedback. to do this, disconnect the power from the joystick and leave only the usb power supply and no more force feedback. the plane becomes flyable

I think we need a vote to to implement Force Feedback for the MS SideWinder 2? Anyone?


yes! please! +1


Asobo just need to give better SDK support to addon Developers, who can do a far better job supporting these not so common, but GREAT FF devices.

ie It would “NICE” is the Sim did not CTD, if you plug in a Thrustmaster “Top Gun” FF Joystick !!! - even if they did not include a default profile.

That has to be the EASIEST CTD to debug and fix. Its 100% Repeatable, 100% of the time.
A CTD “on demand” !!!

But of all Joysticks, a MS product not supporting a MS Joystick – that just Crazy mixed up !!

Here this need your “vote”

this guy seems to have implemented force feedback for fs 2020:

Just tried it … it’s a start … Good to see another tackling this. Not easy.
Tried it with my MS Sidewinder 2 FF. Almost worked… still lots more work needed.

Is it know whow is writing this , are they in this Forum ??

Didn’t work for me. Made my MS FF2 fully dead in terms of FF. Had to revert to XPforce to bring it back to life.

Try xp force for now, but watch out for FS force in the hopefully near future. The former is working fairly well on my Logitech G940 FFB.

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Doesnt work with Saitek Evo Force Feedback Stick.
I used the Evo Force Stick with MSFS2020 without FFB effect and it works well.
After the last update i cant start the sim with connected Evo Stick. If i plug the stick inside the USB port with open FS Software i get a screen
…new Hardware found…
but after a few seconds the MSFS2020 crashes. Thats really sad.
I use the Evo Force Feedback with Cliffs of Dover (Win7 and Win10), the stick is working perfect with CloD and the feeling is great to fly with the FFB effect and really helpfull when i am flying with a Messerschmidt Bf109 E-4.

Exactly the same thing happens with the Thrustmaster “Top Gun” FF Joystick.

SAD … MSFS should not CTD when USB device is plugged in !!

Maybe Osbobo do not have access to any of these older FF Joysticks, to test with.
It may not be such a difficult thing to correct – but priorities probably get in the way …

Got to keep the Candy Factory churning out more Sweet, Sugary Eye Candy to feed the marketing monster.

Yes it worked well in the past (without the FF effect). I had no problem to edit the keys and axis and i never had a CTD. Everything was fine but i dont used the stick often. I changed the joystick back to my TM T16000 because without the preasure of the spring the Evo FF is senseless.
Yesterday i saw AirforcePlayer and XP Force and wanted to to try it out. At first i checked the Evo in MSFS without installing the tools. The MSFS didnt started with the plugged stick…Crash to Desktop when i plugged the stick with running MSFS. then i tried the Airforce Player to check what happens with the Evo.
Nothing - the stick doesnt work with AirforcePlayer and now the joystick is back in the cupboard.
It simply doesn’t make sense to search for a FFB Tool as long as there is no support from MS / Asobo for the FFB Hardware.

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I also have a MS Sidewinder FF2. It was one of the first “silent” Force Feedback joysticks out there, if possible to implement support for this device, please do so.

I believe purchasing the FF2 was the best purchase I ever made in the last year’s , bought it on release still using it there is nothing in computer that last so long I believe :smiley:

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If you do an Internet search, there are quite a few USER MODS described to make the Sidewinder even better … like increasing the forces …

At least MSFS does recognize and work with the MS Sidewinder !!!
If you plug in a Thrustmaster FF Joystick, MSFS will CTD !!!

I can reluctantly accept that MSFS may not be able to supply “out of the box” support for the Thrustmaster with “profiles”, but MSFS it should NEVER CTD, if a “non-defectove” USB Joysick is plugged in.

You can see that MSFS sees it as a FF Joystick, reads it name and “ID” ( The HEX id of B554 may well be the issue !!), and and gets ready in the UI to accept a default or a new profile for it, and then before it can write a default profile back to the PC, MSFS does a CTD.

It would probably take longer to start MSFS in a Dev environment, that to see what is causing the CTD in a debugger !!!

Its not even so much it cannot support the "old, dated, but still functional) Thustmaster in particular, it’s the CTD when it is plugged in that is the upsetting part.

Is there a Throttle Axis? I can’t find one.
I mapped Throttle 1 Axis, Throttle 2 Axis, Throttle 3 Axis and Throttle 4 Axis to it.
Works for me!

use this Force feedback support

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Support for Joysticks Force Feedback vote here too


yes I vote for it, force feedback is a must have!

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