[PSA] XPForce force-feedback will be coming to FS2020!

Yes, I would agree with that too. As XPForce develops, I think it will only get better too.

Ground haptics are currently a weaker area in my view. When moving on the ground, it still feels quite dead through the stick. When one of my precision landings greases on to the runway, I don’t feel the bone jarring crunch as the oleos smash through the upper surface of the wing.

Thanks @jimkeir for the January 9th update. General feeling of the turbulence is better, but without detailed description what you changed I can only give vague feedback.
Found in this and the beta before the usage of you ‘alternate trim’ system behave strange and disable it on every plane I tested. Often got problems with alternate trim enable and use of autopilot or trim goes to extremes position to get levelled flight. Don’t know if it broke, or other user have similar experience but for me the feature is not worth your additional efforts.
I also would like to get a wider access of internals of XPForce to tweak it even more, esp. the landing gear bumping on the runway is a little weak in my personal opinion.
At all keep the very good work goin, without you XPForce I wouldn’t use MSFS at all, so wait for the next version.

Good morning all,
With an FFB2, what settings did you choose?
thank you,

Unfortunately January 9th update has two big problems for me:

  1. Wheel vibration - All motors of my SWFF2 just emit high pitch buzzing sound unless I set wheel vibration to 0. Previously it was fine. I guess you increased frequency too high?

  2. Frequently crashes (previous version NEVER crashed)

PS. I guess wind force might be very hard to add for whatever reason. Even if I set wind gusts to max I never feel it even if aircraft is literally tossed by wind. All other force currently ork great for me (except wheel vibration in Jan9th beta)

@jimkeir It would be interesting to have access to the settings without having to run the simulation.

Force feedback support vote here gentl.

it’s been done for a long time

Hi @ttthhh123, with my Logitech Force 3D Pro I didn’t have this high pitch sound.
Seems to be a hardware specific problem?
Didn’t have used MSFS often in the last days, so can’t say anything to crashes.
Wind guest I’m also not Shure if they work didn’t have tested enough :frowning:

Hi thank you for posting and responding.

I tried this to fix buzzing sound:

    1. Uninstalled XPforce.
    1. Installed official version – no buzzing sound, Wheel vibration as it used to be
    1. Previous BETA, everything fine
    1. January9 beta – Wheel vibration evel low setting makes motor to go crazy. Seems like frequency of vibration is sky-high.

I hav backup Sidewinder FF2 and it’s the same. Sure these are old joysticks but something tells me that ist latest BETA seetings.

Is there ANY way for ( editable text file, anything to adjust internals for XPforce)?


I noticed this with the most recent beta as well.

Thanks for the feedback!

The main change here is to fix a state where FS2020 could reset the spring effect which is supposed to be off in almost all circumstances. This would have been damping down or totally blocking almost all the directional effects, leaving only the “fake” effects of wheel rumble etc.

There are a couple of experimental things in there as well, most notably the pause/menu detection. The data provided by FS2020 for this is completely broken so I’ve added a workaround.

Wheel rolling vibrations - this was actually a data conversion fix rather than specifically increasing the frequency but I agree, it’s not right and will be reduced.

Crashes - obviously there should be none! Please PM me if you see this so I can get more details and a crash dump that will tell me exactly what’s going wrong.

ttthhh123 - I agree, curves would be great and will get in there at some point.

Hi all, another beta update on the same link as usual. This one has improvements for in-air turbulence, gear vibration and gear up/down bumps. I think this will be moved over to a proper release one in the next few days but if you want to check it out first, it’s on the Beta tab of the normal download page.


Thanks for this news. I just downloaded and I installed “on top” I am in version 1.0.9820; Correct ??

Yes, always just install over the top, there’s no need to remove anything. 9820 looks right.

Hi Jim,

Do you think you would be able to include a fast launch (skip intros) on the next version?

Thanks very much

Sorry, I’m not sure what you mean? There’s no forced startup delay or intros as it is?

I mean when launching the sim can you include a -FastLaunch to be able to skip the Asobo game studios, etc intro videos? When we use the XPForce exe to launch the sim, we currently have to sit through the intros. Thanks!

Please see:

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Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that. Yes, I can add that very quickly. Thanks for the heads-up.


Fantastic! Really looking forward to the new version. I’ve got my DIY FFB yoke on the go.

Thanks for the command line option.

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