[Polls] World Update XV: Nordics & Greenland

Strange! I didn’t get that notification either.

I don’t believe it has been there very long.

I’ll have to fly that route again, then. It was a two-hour eyesore.

I flew it last night and it seemed ok to me. I’m going to fly it again later on today.

So I flew again…

And was so disheartened that I did a water landing by cutting the power then and there… and where I landed, please take a look at the DEM in the background.


Have you switched Online Functionality off and back on in the simulator settings as suggested here?

No. But I restarted the SIM altogether.

Emptied the rolling cache since?

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Yes. I did that too.

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I wonder if this had been mentioned before, but how come this banner picture of PG look so horrible and never replaced?

What is so horrible about them?


Looks okay to me, even that close.


The PG is Nyhavn and Charlottenborg Palace in central Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. The white blob to the right is a cover over the scaffolding raised to replace the roof tiles on Herluf Trolles Gade 5. It has since been taken down.


I was mostly concerned about the building on the lower right. At least to me it seems deformed.

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The odd angles are the result of city improvements. These streets were built in 1870s and the back yards were crammed with tenement buildings to maximise rent income. In the second half of the twentieth century the state and city council launched a campaign to improve living conditions aka slum clearances. In this process some buildings were demolished to provide more air and light for the apartments and instead a green area was created inside the block. Apartments in these streets are very popular today.


And it will be when you are viewing it that close.


It would be nice to have a star on the map for easier and faster location of this one:
ENRA Mo i Rana Airport
It’s almost 2024 to still forgetting to do so.

There is a windows glitch on Akureyri terminal.

Also in real life it’s more opaque and you see the northern light much better.

(Photo taken from Google Maps)

I would say, in the game opacity is 30%, but it should be around 70-80% where you can see a bit, but it should be darker.

I know it’s a feedback of minor importance, but it is my little feedback. Love Iceland!

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I think is is posts like this that highlight how truly incredible this sim is. We want the opacity of windows at an airport to be adjusted to more closely reflect (no pun intended…) reality? This is just extraordinary!