Pond and swimming pool scenery components

I would like to add a small pond and a swimming pool for my scenery. However it seems that for small areas (polygons) I can’t define it. It seems, it is not using conventional textures (as it is animated with waves, sound etc.). I have to define that this poly is water and select the water type. But it seems it is using a quite large fall-off distance and thus it is not working for a small pond. Also I could not define a sharp edged water object - for example a swimming pool.

Could someone giveme some hints? Should I create my custom water texture and work with that instead of a water type polygon? I could not find water texture in Material Editor.

The picture attached is from Google Maps. It shows a pond and a swimming pool. This specific pond is more-or-less correctly identified as water in the sim and animated with waves. I would like to create these types of objects in my scenery.


You’d better use a 3d object,
(You gonna loose the waves)

The water shader Is not able to do to small/Sharp polygons, It Is likely an engine limitation (the same apllys to terraforming)

Thanks. I will do with normal polygons with custom textures.