Poor AA and shimmering since SU5

Sorry in advance if this topic has been discussed to death. I have not kept up with the forums lately (lost interest after SU5).

Gave VR a try for the first time since SU5 and noticed AA is MUCH WORSE than before and lots of shimmering (trees and buildings). AA was so much better before SU5 (and best before WU3 I think it was).

I am running 100/100 with G2, as I was before SU5, but the aliasing is just garbage and is putting me off.

Is there any temporary workaround?


Completely agree. Anti aliasing looks very bad. I’ve put mine down till they fix this. Its horrendous.

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Unbelievable but true, Asobo has decided to ignore the issue as they can’t reproduce it…. See latest feedback snapshot.

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Set low-end graphics profile, apply and save and then revert back to your old settings

If they claim they can’t reproduce it, it’s probably because these AA algorithms are sub-optimal by nature, and not a bug. Combine this with the possibility of performance optimizations that occurred for the sake of the console port.

Known issue, See here its due to be fixed next Sim Update:

Edit: this is in Menus, sorry thought it was universal! Hopefully it’ll transfer over to everything

No, they say the missing AA on Menus will be fixed, the in-game AA issue „cannot be reproduced“ and is being ignored. (See position 4 in the VR snapshot“


Yep just edited my post, I wonder whether it’s a specific HMD issue perhaps? as I don’t see it much in the Reverb G2.

I am using the G2 and it’s extremely bad - so bad I don’t fly anymore and would get headaches. It’s also visible in 2D mode though. Some people have been saying it’s a Windows issue as it’s also present in other games, which is possible, but coincidentally it appeared with a SU5 hotfix release and as I don’t play other games I cannot verify if this is true. Either way, this is a Microsoft game running on Microsoft software so they need to figure it out!

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Yeah theres no doubt it was made worse with SU5, perhaps it’s more to do with specific settings but regardless it needs to be fixed.

Definitely not to do with settings. Non-existent before SU5. Look at the linked post above with over 100 votes that includes screenshots etc. settings were unchanged and have been tweaked for hours with no improvement. Whatever it is, it wasn’t there before and transforms the sim from gold to dust.


I wonder if they reduced the object LOD, just as they did the terrain LOD with SU5. When I set object LOD to 200, there is much less shimmering for me, at least in the far distance. I haven’t tried it, because 200 was enough for me, but one could even try going higher by changing the value in the config file. Another thing somebody on this forum recommended and seems to have a positive effect is setting texture filtering to High Quality in stead of the default Quality in the nVidia settings. These are workarounds, but they did something for me without too much fps loss.


We all don’t know if it’s actually the broken antialiasing. But the fact is that there has been so much more flickering and shimmering since Simupdate 5. This can be seen especially in the buildings in the distance and in VR. I don’t have to send screenshots etc. for it. Start the Sim, fly a lap in VR and especially look at the buildings in the distance. They shimmer like hell since Simupdate 5. Before the update, it was much, much better. The shimmer is also present in 2d, but it is more noticeable in VR.

Whether the shimmer is due to the poorer antialiasing is just a guess of mine. It could possibly also be due to reflections or the like. A short feedback from the developers would be very good here.

We are simply concerned with removing the shimmer. Please fix the shimmer bug. And you must have noticed the shimmer.

It’s not just that the distant buildings are shimmering. Even the cockpit, text boxes, the wing edges etc. It is evident that anti-aliasing must not be working properly as every straight edge is jagged when tilted.

Also, at the exact same time, the issue appeared in menus and overlay windows, so this must be somehow connected. Asobo have acknowledged this issue and say it will be fixed, so we can only hope that this also solves the problem in general.

Only because they can’t reproduce it, it doesn’t mean they’re ignoring it. It’s probably an issue with specific system configurations or a bug that is not consistent across all users. Or some users may be more sensible to it than others. I can’t reproduce it either, to me AA looks exactly the same as before SU5 (except for the menus). I also don’t see the shimmering. It’s like the 200% PC render scale trick, that did nothing for some users (including me) and others claimed a night and day difference, and nobody was yet able to find a pattern.

The fact some are seing it and other aren’t doesn’t mean not all of the users aren’t having this bug since SU5, just that some just don’t see it. As a matter of fact, someone in the forum I believe (from reading his posts) as enough technical understanding of these matters didn’t notice any until he tries to repro the situation I’ve documented in details.

So maybe all of you not seeing it might further help Asobo if at least:

  • you try to repro the very same conditions I’ve documented
  • you compare whether you see the same in the end or not
  • you report in this topic whether you see this or not in the same conditions (in writing, not just voting)

The problem

Through the lens footage of the AA shimmering in SU5? - Virtual Reality (VR) / General - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

The details

[BUG LOGGED] AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays) - #121 by CptLucky8

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I could be misunderstanding but I believe they said they will delete the bug thread in a few days if they cannot reproduce it ? Which I guess means it would be removed from their to-do list.

I believe I understood the same.

What I really find peculiar, and every one should find this peculiar, even those not seeing any problem, is why it is all of a sudden since SU5 that there are a lot of people complaining about this… Is this our tolerance threshold to the FS2020 flaws which all of a sudden got lower because of any SU5 let down, or is there any truth in the technical problems people are collectively reporting… food for thought.


The problem is, we have to wait for the fix for the problem which wasn’t there in the beginning, delaying other important updates, like the world scale slider.

very good description, i also have seen this!