Poor FPS (42 FPS at low settings) with I9-11900K and RTX3090


I have in subject mentioned hardware, Win 11, 32 GB RAM, 4K resolution. I played a little bit with the in game settings to check what is the max. fps I can get with my hardware. Nvidia driver 516.94.

But I can’t see massive changes in fps by changing settings from low to ultra.

Standard A320, sitting in the (cold & dark) standard A320
Standard low settings: 42 fps
Ultra settings: 24 fps

I thought with this setup it’s possible to get fps above 50 or 60. But I can do what I want, it never went higher than 45.

Nvidia settings standard (without any changes)

Do you have FPS locked in-game or in the nvidia settings (with Vsync e.g.)?

Try 1080p or 1440p resolutions.

This sim CPU limits just about any processor on the market available today. If you are getting poor performance with a RTX3090 at 4K then it’s probably because your CPU is limiting.
Check in FS dev mode to see if you are CPU limiting. (stutters can be CPU limited symptom too)

To reduce load on CPU-

  1. Turn TLOD down to 200 (main limiter of CPU)
  2. Turn any traffic settings down (AI, ground, cars, vehicles, airport workers etc) to 50% (default is too high anyway)
  3. Potentially change clouds from Ultra to High

All other graphical settings should remain high, as you really should be loading a GPU like that for optimal performance. The 3 suggestions above load CPU more than GPU.
You can also try running with a locked FPS. I lock mine at 30FPS/60Hz refresh rate @ 4K with a VSYNC enabled too.
All in all very smooth. FPS isn’t a great metric for me smoothness of the sim experience is.


I have the same issue and it’s very strange. My system is a 5950x with 3090, and I am limited by the main thread.

The odd thing is that earlier this year I was able to max settings in New York City and get 40 to 60 fps no problem.

Now i am only getting 20 to 40 with the same settings. Something odd is going on here…

I had to lower TLOD to 200 and Objects to 100 just to experience 30 FPS at KFJK - it used to be maxed though…

Any possible fixes for this?

My 5950x rarely boosts to 5GHz, and the temps are only at 70 C under sim conditions (so it has more room to boost at those temps)

GPU temp is around 68 - so its not a hardware heating/cooling issue.

Maybe you’re on the 2nd thread of a core.