Poor performance after upgrading to windows 11 22H2

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poor performance with low frame rates after upgrading to Windows 11 22H2 builds (reproduces on multiple builds, including the most recent RTM build, 22621).

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Upgrade to Windows 11 22H2 from Windows Update.

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5950X, asus ROG 3090, 64gb, 3xnvme, triple screen 55bx1

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Not dependent on the Flight Simulator build.

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Have you tried changing the windows power plan to high performance?

From the start menu’s search bar type “Control Panel”.

When the CP opens, click on “view by category” and change it to “icons”. Then click on “Power Options”. Set the power plan to “High Performance” and try it.

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Hello, yes it’s already been done for a long time, I’m thinking of going back to 22H1, the difference in performance is really noticeable

Hmmm, I’m on the same beta build and no issues in performance apart from .28 fps at LEAL at night at gate with AIG traffic and FBW A320

Prior to that all the way from EGSS 35 fps locked all the way down to Spain via France

I have a new PC with just MSFS on it, 12900, rtx3080ti, 32GB 175Mbps fibre, Windows 11. The one thing I have realised is MSFS is a bit of a random generator at times, I have a local circuit and most of the time it looks fantastic and just the odd occasion looks somewhat poor, next day back to normal :grimacing:

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Again, an old sad story is repeated here!
Me and other users we’re saying since March that there is something serious going on with Win 11 and the overall performance in FS2020 and also in other games as well. Till now, no clues…

I am on AMD 5950X, 3080 RTX, 128GB ram and NVMe.

Before March everything was perfect, fluid and with high FPS.
Now we stuttering, jittering and the game is unplayable. The FPS are still there but the smoothness and the big stutters in VR are a mess!

I’m having the same stuttering issues, I don’t know if it’s because the latest version of Windows 11 or because of the latest world update because both of them arrived nearly at the same time for me. It doesn’t matter the airport or aircraft every few seconds the game will have big stutters (game stopping stutters) and the stutters get more frequent if I’m landing or something like that. I can be in the middle of nowhere at 60 FPS and the stutters will still happen every few seconds. I tried adjusting the terrain level of detail to 150 down from 200 to see if freeing some of the main thread would help but it doesn’t, I got a few more FPS when not stuttering but the stutters always happen no matter what.

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That’s exactly it, and I think it’s indeed the latest build version of Windows 22H2 that is the problem, when the 22H2 release goes public for all the non-insider people, there will be a lot of notifications of this problem.
After going back to the 22H1 version, I found the fluidity

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Unfortunately my downgrade window is over so now I have to wait until MS decides to fix it. I wasn’t even aware that I was on the insider preview build until I checked, it seems that at some point I enabled it and forgot to turn it off…

I’m on 22h2 beta version of windows 11 and not had any problems so far, fly PMDG and AIG and apart from higher ram usage it runs fine at LOD at 150

Did they do a recent update to the Beta? Because as of yesterday I still had the problem. I captured a video and sent it to the Windows Feedback hub to see if they would take notice. Here’s the video Microsoft Flight Simulator heavy stuttering. - YouTube

I think we need to find another word for upgrading. Upgrading should not decrease performance.

same problem for me

Try running DISM and SFC. If you had system files corrupted by the windows update (it does happen, quite often), it will find and repair them.

If you get a message after running SFC that some files could not be repaired, then it’s time to bust out the USB stick and use MCT to reinstall the OS.

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Hi it’s a shame ■■■■■■■ game
I’m building an entire airbus home cockpit and this game sucks! Even on low settings i have 10fps at Paris airports before i had 30 in ultra…
Rtx3080 5600x 32gb

I run w11 all updated

I don’t think they have done an upgrade in the last couple of days, I’m not at my pc so cannot check
Its interesting that you put on developer mode
as I don’t get 50 odd fps, I cap mine at 35 fps using rivatuner so it could be your settings as mine doesn’t stutter no where like your video

I get the odd stutter taxiing at payware airports only flying PMDG and FBW with AIG on

Try adjusting your settings in the sim as I don’t think it’s windows 11 beta insider build causing the issues

I wouldn’t personally do this but if you are convinced it’s a windows 11 problem , you can either wait for a new preview update or go back to windows 10 , but that would be such a PITA

The settings I use have been stable for a very long time and have never caused me any stutters before except for that one MSFS update that had the stutters with third party liveries in multiplayer. I can run 40-60 FPS smoothly in most situations and in high detail high traffic airports it goes into the low 30s but still no heavy stutters like what’s happening here. I dropped the Object level of detail from 200 to 150 to see if that would help since in developer mode it shows the main thread tanking and freezing for milliseconds but it doesn’t do anything at all to help, rolling back GPU drivers didn’t do anything either. The only things that changed when the problems started was the new game update, new GPU drivers and windows update that pretty much happened at the same time. The GPU drivers were rolled back and tested, the game stutters seem to only happen to a sub set of people so the game update itself probably isn’t the issue, so it only leaves the windows update. I also ran the game without mods and with a cleaned content.xml file and still the same.

well , sorry to hear that you are getting major stutters , I had issues when the sim got updated , I rolled back to 22H1 made no difference , so thought well I will try the beta 22H2 , i was on insider preview
So now on Beta windows 11 22H2 insider build 22621.160 and it seems to run fine now
what build are you running?

I also , run the latest studio driver , the Game ready driver is not as fluid in my experience on nvidia

I’m having same issues as Op - upgraded yesterday to 22H2 via Release candidate channel. Immediate stuttering that made sim unuable - this is on pretty high end system 5800x3D and 3080. Was using latest game ready driver.

Downgraded back to previous release using windows update advanced option - performance back to normal.

I wonder if this needs the updated Nvidia driver for 22H2 that has been discussed on some tech pages to resolve? But don’t believe thats available yet outside of enterpirse versions.

Yeah I hope a solution comes soon enough because I missed the downgrade window and I’m stuck with the new version of Windows and the game is unplayable to me atm.