Pop up screen increase FPS

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When I press a screen to pop up, I get better frame rate than without pop up screen.
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Select any plane, select PFD to popup, I get better frame rate than without pop up. I usually get around 30 fps at airport and I jump to 40/45fps with popup and GPU useage also seem to be much better (is stuck at 99% without popup and is around 75% with popup. This seems very bizarre to me.

When I undock (pop up) at least one instrument panel (press right ALT key and hover your mouse over one of instrument panel until the mouse sign change to a plus sign and click to undock it), I notice my FPS change almost double, from around 30 FPS to 55-60 FPS. I would have thought that by undocking or popping up instrument panels, FPS will drop since the GPU has to drive another pop up window. But instead, the FPS increases. Anyone experience this? It’s a nice surprise for me but what cause this? Or I am missing something? I am using MSI Afterburner to show FPS.

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Yes this is because it calculates the FPS of both screens, add them and show it as FPS on both screens. So if you’re at 30fps and open a second one, both will run at 30, but it shows 60. Open a third one, all show 90FPS


Ah… I see… thanks.

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The only way to get a reliable frame count when you have windows popped out is using the frame counter when you enable developer mode. Other frame counters like the Steam counter or MSI Afterburner + RTSS will not give you a reliable count with more than just the main game window.

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Hi, i loss many fps with undocked instrument view (i have an A320 home cockpit).
In 3d cockpit view i loss about 10 fps, 15-20 in external view.
This generates stuttering mainly with bad weather.

FPS recorded with internal dev-mode fps counter.

Any solutions?

My FPS mostly “doubles”. It means that if I have 30fps, with a popup it usually shows like 50-60fps. The fps doesnt actually increase at all. In fact it gets worse and I get stutters. The fps meter adds fps from both the sim and popup together. If both screens are 30fps, it shows 60fps. This is with Geforce Experience.

It shows the same value on both screens, I use MSI afterburner, but maybe it got fooled too.

All FPS counters are reporting false positive. It’s simply cumulative of the main screen and whatever pop-ups are active.

Yep - it’s funny when the sim limits itself to 60 frames max, but you can still say you’re getting 120!

I don’t know about you folks, but when I pop out a panel my FPS drops from about 40 to about 20 and that’s what the dev mode and external FPS counters say and it’s no false reading, very much feels and looks like 20fps. A LOT less smooth. You folks sure you aren’t just fooling yourselves? The pop out panel FPS drop is very real.