Porter Testing and Porter Fun

Some shots from today…

First was a little testing, both of the rig and the Porter. I wanted to get more familiar with the older style AP and do some heavy weather benchmarking of sorts with the DLSS 3.1.11 file I just dropped into the sim. Everything seems to be working smoothly. CPU and GPU both working hard, buy staying cool. By all rights, this should have been filed IFR, but what the heck… Inboud KGSO 5R in real weather.

Next two are from a favorite run - Domnicci to Princess Julianna. This time I maxed out the cargo to 2000#. I kept the cruise climb back to only 500’/m to maintain airspeed, but it still reached 12,000’ with no issues. First shot is heading up and out, last is waiting to be unloaded.