Portugal Bush Flight Directions - I'm Lost

Please help, I’m lost on the third leg of the Portugal bush flight. (I ask as advice before calling it a bug.)

The bush flight opening screen shows leg three as 107.89 miles taking est 33 minutes while the Navlog shows 55.35 miles taking 17 minutes.

The Navlog sends me heading 266 yet the description shows “south-southeast”?

The Navlog then shows landing at an unidentified airfield midleg? Then, heading on again.

Portugal Legs
Portugal Navlog

Problems with the Iberia trips were covered extensively in the forum some time ago. You can download the correct navlog here Nav log extracts for the official bush trips » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Thanks for confirming the directions are hosed up. I searched for Portugal, never thinking to search for Iberia. I found that discussion using the Iberia search term.

I’ll print out the applicable navlogs for that trip to have them available. I kind of figured something was messed up when the first two legs location descriptions were confusing.