Possibility of a Suspend mode for MSFS?

With MSFS going to the Xbox, I’m presuming the console version may support the Xbox’s suspend feature.

Would there be any possibility of implementing something like that for the PC release?

My current life situation means I have to be able to change gears at the drop of a hat, and it makes it, basically, not possible to plan or attempt any flights of any length or complexity. It’s been keeping me pretty much grounded lately.

It would be good to be able to get back into the air again.

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A simple save game feature should do the same? I don’t understand why they didn’t implement this. It just has to remember the state of the aircraft and position, and maybe time if live time is off.

Maybe this comes together with the replay feature.

there is a save game feature?

No that’s my point. It should be there already because it’s so simple.

But i believe such thing will be introduced together with the replay function because a replay is actually a kind of state saving too. If you write that to a file you have a save game.

? There is a save game feature, it’s just not very reliable.

Seriously? Is seems to save the route only but not the rest?

You misunderstand, the feature is already in the game. Mid flight you can ESC, and there is a Save/Load option to save a flight. Loading that file will resume your flight from it’s saved point.

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There ÍS a save game feature. If you press esc you can save you flight in its current state, and load the flight later on. That is the main difference between .pln and.flt files

Yes i know but for me it only saves the position. Not the aircraft state?
I have to do a cold and dark setup mid air.

I don’t understand about “state”, Do you mean fuel, flaps, etc?

Yes position of switches, fuel, flaps, everything. So basically it should just continue the flight like it was when i saved it but it doesn’t work.

I just tried it, and the plane was running the way the way I left it. It was a default plane though.

Not sure if you have the option to choose in-flight, but are you saving as a .flt? That is a requirement to save the whole state

Yes, maybe it only works with default aircraft.

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Even with default aircraft it’s not reliable and in case of complex aircraft the correct aircraft state can’t be achieved from a saved state.
That why I wrote it’s unreliable.

I tried it again but the aircraft dives towards the ground because it forgot the airspeed and the AP state was gone. And the throttle/prop/mixture setting too. I think the .flt file format has limitations.

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