Possible bottlenecking question

I currently have a Radeon RX570 and I am likely to upgrade to a Nvidia RTX3060 but my question is this. If I do this is it likely bottlenecking will occur with my Ryzen 7 2700X processor meaning the upgrade was completely meaningless? Currently I struggle to get 25fps on a good day and if I am using something like the Fenix A320 I am down into the teens. Any advice on this?

The developer mode FPS graphs can show you where the bottleneck lies. CPU or GPU.

You also have to consider if your motherboard supports the new card, and if your power supply is strong enough to run the new card. Make sure you have the required connector on the existing power supply because you don’t want to get it and find you can’t turn it on. Here’s a useful site for comparison.

If you search “Ryzen 7 2700x rtx3060 bottleneck”, the web thinks it will be okay for 1080p and 1440p. Both are acceptable resolutions.

I have already established that the motherboard and power supply will be compatible. It is more in relation to MSFS itself. Is it more GPU or CPU intensive? I notice that when I run in dev mode it often says “limited by main thread” which would imply the CPU is the problem but my GPU is nearly always running at 100%

You are going to me more mainthread limited by CPU pairing that 3060. It will certainly bottleneck @1080p.
If you want to improve performance with Fenix you’re going to need a faster CPU.

The external app required to run the Fenix a320 is a cpu hog. I admire their efforts but it needs to be further optimised.

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see my thinking was, with a better GPU I would be able to render the displays on the GPU. If that would make much of a difference idk

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CPU has to send frames to the GPU and if it isn’t fast enough you won’t get the full benefit of a faster GPU.
No difference setting the renders display to the gpu on my system. My biggest bottleneck is the gpu.

what are your specs if you don’t mind me asking?

i7 10700kf rtx2060super 32gb. I will occasionally drop to the 20s with Fenix. PMDG I am mainly in the late 30s to upper 40s.

Okay, I don’t want to waste a lot of money on not many results. I am sure that a new GPU would bring some benefits and would provide more raw power right?

Depending on the game however this sim is CPU intensive.

Would the full implementation of DX12 help spread the load across threads as I know the ryzen 7 doesn’t have strong single thread abilities but handles the load being spread better.

If you want to wait to for DX12 that is entirely up to you. I am basically holding on to my GPU to see what improvements SU10 brings.

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Hi, most of our time we are all cpu bound so until dx12 comes out you have to deal with it.
In the experimental dx12 you are less cpu bound and more gpu bound but still no exceptional results.

In this video in example I compared sim update 8 and sim update 9 in DX11 and dx12.
In the end: buy the graphics card you want, in sim you won’t need much more than 30 fps as it is not an action game.
In my videos I unlock fps only for testing but really I don’t need more than 30 fps (60 are too much for me now on ultra) with a 60hz screen.

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what has been, if anything, has been confirmed for SU10 if you are holding out before changing graphics cards.

I recently upgraded my GTX-1060 to a RTX 3060-ti. I was also concerned about a possible bottleneck of my CPU (I7-7700). I run at 1440p.

I gained an enormous boost in performance and still am stunned by the benefit of my upgrade. I expected some progress but this came as a pleasant surprise.
Your current CPU is faster than mine so you should have even more headroom.
Note: Make sure your PSU can handle it and you have a decent CPU cooler.

Good luck with your choice

That’s a good thing to hear hopefully I’ll achieve something similar. Yea PSU is not a problem already checked if it’ll be okay

The LOD settings are CPU intensive, so try turning them down.

As an old time computer user/builder, I have found that there is always a balancing act between the CPU and the GPU. The motherboard’s capacity is also a factor - though not as much - as they all have to “talk” to one another. It is probably more important than the increasing of RAM and other “tricks” that everyone insists will make a “huge” difference. In my experience, if you upgrade one or the other without a lot of study and reading the experience of others who have found success or failure with a certain combination, you are setting yourself up for failure. That would explain why so many who are finding “bargains” on high numbered GPUs are disappointed in the results.