POSSIBLE FIX: STEAM Version Crashs to desktop on launch (80% loaded)

Hope this helps… It appears to be a profile issue with the latest patch for some people. Please keep in mind this fix basically starts you from scratch in regards to settings, and I don’t know if you won’t have profile issues later with this buggy update.

  1. Turn off cloud synchronization for MSFS2020 in steam. Right Click the title name (MSFS2020). Properties -> Updates Tab. Uncheck the box at the bottom for now.
  2. In your Steam folder, look for a folder called “userdata”. Then look for a folder with just a number, mine was “99078485” not sure if that’s common for all. Delete this folder, but a safer idea is to MOVE it some place else. This folder has all the settings for MSFS2020. You can confirm this by going into the folder and poking around in some of the files with notepad. You will see things referencing your joysticks and settings, and other flight sim type settings. That’s the folder you want.
  3. Now launch MSFS2020, you will need to go through the setup as if it was a fresh copy. But it does load to the main screen now.

You must turn off cloud sync temporarily with Steam, otherwise it will just download the deleted folder from the cloud on launch. And the old settings profile will crash MSFS2020 again…

When you launch MSFS2020 in steam, it will later ask if you want to download your settings from the cloud or push your local files to the cloud. Push the NEW local files to the cloud. This update seems incompatible with some profiles people had with the previous version. You will need to just start fresh…

Fixed my version, I can load it over and over now without crashing. But I’ll need to set everything back up later… Curious if it helps others.


Maybe hold off on this until their hotfix update later today. Glad I saved my old settings, but not sure maybe I should just start fresh. Just don’t feel like mapping everything out again…

Odd. So I can now load the game after cleaning out the profile in Steam… But if I go into configure devices I have nothing, just my keyboard and mouse. It doesn’t seem to detect any other USB devices connected to my computer. Just don’t know why it doesn’t like my usb devices. Hope the hotfix addresses this… So I can load it now, I can’t use any of my controls… sigh