Possible source of odd bugs: All flights start with plane fully ON - the Sim's auto-shutdown to Cold and Dark at parking gate is buggy

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Yes (I have no add ons)

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I may have found the root cause of a few hard-to-diagnose bugs with avionics. I have noticed (on Xbox X) that every flight starts with the plane’s systems fully ON and ready to fly - I assume to accomodate the ability to start on the runway and take off right away. But if you choose a parking spot and want to start with the plane OFF (aka Cold and Dark), in the first moment when you load in, you hear and feel the plane shutting down. It was fully on, then shuts down, using an auto-shutdown sequence.

If I boot my Xbox, open MSFS, and start a flight in the Longitude at a parking spot, 100% of the time the systems won’t work properly on this first attempt. The reason is because the systems are stuck in the wrong position (see details below) and the flight will be very buggy. I believe it is because the auto-shutdown sequence is too fast, or, incomplete. The work-around is to exit and “Restart” the flight (which keeps all the World Map choices and just loads you back in to exactly the same place). This 2nd load in, everything is fine.

I can only assume either the auto-start or auto-shutdown sequence used by the Sim when starting a flight is the issue. Or they happen too fast for systems to be set correctly. And if my assumption is correct for the Longitude, it may be a similar issue for other planes also.

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3 screenshots, Xbox Longitude, 1st flight, restart, 2nd flight

Boot Xbox, Load MSFS, First flight in Longitude Cold and Dark at parking.
Systems are stuck in the wrong state, possibly due to auto-shutdown in first moment:

Restart the flight…

After restart, cold and dark, but now systems are in the correct state:

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

  1. Reboot Xbox, launch MSFS > World Map
  2. Choose the Longitude, a parking spot at any airport, click “Fly”
  3. Notice the plane Shut Down in the first instant?
  4. Turn on ONLY the Left Battery, and observe:
  5. If the Bus Tie stays OPEN, many systems are stuck in the wrong state, this can be verified by opening the Electrical Synpotics screen, and you will see, for example, the APU and both engine generator switches are stuck closed (they should be open). You can fly, but it will be a buggy flight. The solution is to “Restart” the flight
  6. After Restarting the flight, Turn on ONLY the Left Battery, and observe the Bus Tie now properly closes, the MFD powers on, and the Electrical Synoptics page shows the APU and engine generator switches are properly OPEN - systems are now in the correct state, and the flight will be normal.

It is only becuase the Longitude has such complete Synoptics that we can observe if the systems are stuck in the wrong state - but it’s possible that other planes suffer from the same issue of starting flights fully ON, and then have an auto-shutdown procedure in order to achieve the “Cold and Dark” state at a parking spot - leaving some systems in the wrong state.

It’s worth looking at as a possible cause, especially when bugs are hard to diagnose.

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Xbox X

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I only noticed the issue in AAU1 because that’s when the synoptics pages were introduced

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That is an excellent piece of debugging, with sufficient evidence for a developer to work with. I’m a retired C++ software engineer, well done.

Have Asobo acknowledged this bug? It is a classic example of not initialising the code properly, which generates a lots of bugs behind the scenes.

I’m sure you are absolutely correct about poor shutdown, more likely failure to setup cold and dark correctly. However correct shut down is a feature of any plane - it’s reasonable to shut down the plane, take a break and resume the next pilot shift.

This will not be a difficult bug for Asobo to track down and resolve. Trust me I’ve seen plenty of these initialisation bugs. About an hour to track down and fix, plus whatever test time is needed.

If they haven’t fixed this bug yet, it’s going to be embarrassing for somebody.

PS: We shouldn’t have to vote for simple bugs. Get a grip moderators.
PPS: It is unlikely to be a XBox-only bug.


Noticed in the 787, when first starting a flight, sometimes the Emergency lights will be armed and other times they will be unarmed when first loading in - for no rhyme or reason.

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I fly the Longitude a lot and I’ve noticed this is no longer a problem for me, so I believe it to be fixed… this bug can probably be closed (unless anyone else is having the same problem)?

I previously tested the plane starting ‘fully on’ on Cloud Gaming, and it had this bug.

I tested it again just now and it started in a fully ‘Cold and Dark’ condition.