Possible to increase LOD beyond ingame setting?

Take a look at this example. This is taken from the airfield Robben Island, about 13 miles north of the table mountain in Cape Town.

The mountain texture looks quite bad. But it is already in my SSD, I flew over it a few times.

  • Terrain Level of Detail = 200
  • Terrain Vector Data = Ultra
  • Texture Resolution = Ultra
  • Texture Supersampling = x16
  • Texture Synthesis = Ultra

So, this is max.
But e.g. the loading screen show way better LOD in far away distance.
Any chance we can edit the settings beyond what we get in the menu?

BTW, interesting airfield with TBM standing in the grass :wink:

Here is a closer look at the mountrain. Even this close, there is still some texture not fully loaded.

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