Possible to use Notebook for Flighttracking

Can i use my Notebook to show LittleNavMap or VFR Map for example?
So i can play on my Desktop and use the Notebook for Maps or more

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I believe you can do that with LNM but not with the MSFS VFR Map.

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Check Spacedesk, I use it with my tablet and I think it let’s you use a second PC also.

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Spacedesk should work, I run my VFR wireless on a tablet

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Yes, just use the “start webserver” option in LittleNavMap, and then load that web address on your Notebook.


i will try it thank you!

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I use FS-Flight Control on a networked windows tablet, and it works great with MSFS. So much better than the VFR Map inside the sim.

Yes, it works. You need to install first LNM on the sim computer, build the database, then copy the database to the LNM installed on the notebook. uninstall LNM on the sim computer(or just leave it closed), and install LN_connect. Open LNM on the notebook, install the copied database and connect to the main computer. Sim should be working prior to the final conection.

Where to download the LN_connect?
And does the LNM 2.6.1 beta work? or better tje normal version?


And does the LNM 2.6.1 beta work?

No idea

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okay, thanks

The free https://simtoolkitpro.co.uk/ has many features. One is a Live Map with all kinds of overlay options and several map styles, such as “drawn,” and satellite. It displays your aircraft in the center but also other pilots across several different networks. The only thing that puzzles me about the map is that when you zoom in/out there’s no scale.

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i use now normal LNM on second Monitor. But because this, the sim crash everytime…