Post AAU1, airport tarmacs, taxiways, and runways still covered in snow

I have AccuSeasons as well, would be curious if that also plays a roll.


yes, to me is acceptable but on my actual test airport LZTT Slovakia is hard to recognize taxi lines, also runway ID. Runway edges are finally ok, now is acceptable as I said but looks like some other textures need to be checked, revised also :wink:

LZTT Apron

LZTT txw A to rwy27/09

LZTT rwy27

To me is acceptable compared to previous ‘no chance’ sim state due full snow but :slight_smile: it need to be reworked to be better :wink:

That’s a third party airport is it not?

I would imagine the third parties will have to re-visit and make changes as well.

No, std and without any 3-rd party textures :slight_smile: Go there → real weather → LZTT

All depends looks like to intensity of snow parameter due internal sim system. Half hour before it was little bit better but maybe due temperature??? Forgot to say, I have deleted RCache also…

I think we have definitelly flyable sim with snow in my opinion and next things/updates will be better :wink:

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If I could give other example for maybe next update also,

grass runways are completely not visible - my home LZPE Prievidza. I understand that this is grass but maybe if it could be better little bit, with snow no problem of course but also with maybe lower snow cover or texture cfg. No big problem here but if it coukd be solved then better.


Update: yes, LZPE airport has asphalt runway and Apron (few years) already but also rwy04L as grass. Hope for also update of this airport inside sim as actual state, not only snow cover problem.

Removed Accuseason, confirmed REX airport textures removed from community folder, and confirmed FSDT KORD still looks the same.

Additional testing:

Default CYUL

Default KMSP that I think has some taxiway layout/markings adjustments

Default KBIL – interestingly, this one looks roughly like how I expected

Default KBIS – this one is weird, it made me go double check to see if I had installed anything that modified it but I have not, this appears to be 100% stock default. There is some wonkiness going on here also from this bug

Default KMOT

Mixed bag.

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Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

This is at the Premium Deluxe KDEN airport, all looks fine. Live time and weather,

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

What happens if you do it in safe mode? You can enter safe mode using Alt+F4 in MSFS and then restarting it and choosing the safe mode option.
That removes all mods, regardless of whether you think they might affect it or not. Sometimes, completely unrelated mods and third-party add-ons create bugs, and the best thing to is to remove all of them completely.


If I could help with one thing I’ve discovered,

it is also with my reported LZTT snow textures. Roads/highway at 1nm final before rwy27 at LZTT are ok but some bridge near there is completely covered with snow and looks like it use same texture as runway at LZTT.

Disappointing that yet again another bug fix is not fully implemented, I really wish Asobo would wait until it was working 100% before releasing something that clearly doesn’t work right. I fear that this will get ignored, like so many other bugs & regressions, and get forgotten about for months if not years.


Sry, not agree.

This solution can take a lot of time and also it is possible that no one can be satisfied and after 1 year of tests no solution is prepared and no update to sim. Now some solution is inside sim and can be accepted to my opinion but definitely better than no solution and full snow cover and no joy with sim at this Winter time.

I respect your opinion but fully disagree, this game was sold as a fully working game not an Early Access or Beta title. Therefore I expect smaller items, such as this, to be fully implemented in a totally working fashion not a half baked fix.

Bigger items like ATC, AI etc I’m well prepared to give them time on, but this particular issue has been known since December 2020…


Do you have anything to contribute to this bug report? Have you seen this issue, yourself, and if so, where? Or are you here to offer commentary?

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Here is an update from me:

Bespoke airports are fine, but it can be a hit or miss with default airports. Some are fine/fixed, others are covered in snow.

On PC.

Yes I have seen it and voted accordingly.

Voted. The fake sim pilot version of me is looking forward to winter being over almost as much as real life me :rofl: all in all, excellent update tho, overall. We’re really lucky to have the developer commitment to this game that we have. There’s no comparison anywhere else.

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Personal Comments and Observations

CYUL today - really hard to see if it weren’t for the centerline green lights.


Handcrafted default EDDS scenery.
Runway is entirely white (exept for the tire marks) but grass is green…
If the grass was covered too, you couldn’t make out the runway, but having no snow on grass at max coverage is looking pretty weird.

Basically the issues happen everywhere you have bright ground textures. The snow coverage is based off the brigthness of the texture and the change of AAU1 apparently was just to reduce the maxium level.
It still covers taxiways and runways with snow if the texture is not one of the darker ones.


Here is a default airport. Some is plowed while others are covered.


I think it is difficult to automatically represent a perfect snow removal to everyone’s satisfaction, because payware and freeware airports are made in different ways by different producers.

So I think it would be better to add snow exclusions to polygons to allow developers to remove snow to the extent they intend.

I don’t think it is a good idea to determine the extent of snow cover by the brightness of the texture.