Post your DX12 with Studio Driver Results Here

I don’t use any rolling cache and never have since I have gigabit fibre.

I run a combination of high / ultra settings, TLOD 125 on a Ryzen 5950X with a RTX3070Ti.

For me, the old GRD and DX11 perform best atm. DX12 is unusuable with this driver, and has been through the entire beta since 1.27.11 that rolled back the memory optimizations of the initial 1.27.9.

It’s in the patch notes already and has been since they were released. The studio driver is NOT the driver we’re waiting on. That was already out at the time SU10 went public. They implicitly state that we’re still waiting on a driver from nVidia.

ok, let me check right now to see if nVidia just released one in the last hour. Upon launching GeForce Experience a brand new update just came down of, Game Ready Driver is 516.94, which I’m not thinking is brand new. So perhaps we are still waiting. I’ll monitor all day. The GeForce experience is separate from a new nVidia graphics driver of course, so nothing new if all we have is the pre-existing 516.94 (Release Date of 08/09/2022) Anyone?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the part that the sim automatically turns on the allocator once it detects the driver was answered by someone outside of Asobo. I believe a microsoft employee that is not part of the sim. So who knows if that is correct.

This is why this needs to be clarified by someone from MSFS.

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True. It’s obvious he has inside information. Although when quoted at least twice in the same thread and asked which driver - studio or GRD - he still hasn’t replied. And this is almost 24 hours ago I think.

Some up to date info to clarify from someone who knows would be more than wonderful.

As for myself, I got stutters in DX12 after they removed the memory manager. But after getting the studio driver, it’s smooth.

There’s so much speculation on this that I have no idea what to believe.

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Yes that sums it up pretty good. And technically the new studio driver came out the day they made the announcement about the NEXT DRIVER, so is it not the next driver, was the next driver announcement a little late being posted? Does it rain on the MOON…who the hell knows anymore LOL

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I’ll take Microsoft’s word as the final say when actual results seem to be in line with what they’re saying.

SU10 dropped AFTER the new Studio driver dropped. AMD users are already seeing great DX12 performance, so the code is obviously in the sim already. It just doesn’t run on nVidia GPUs, even with the Studio driver. It’s expecting the GRD it would seem.

Once this new GRD drops, we should theoretically be seeing performance more in line with what was available during the initial 1.27.9 beta. Anything short of that, and I’ll consider this update to be a failure.

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One day later, still no one from MS can just answer the driver question. Good job pals.


All happy times in my last post. BUT…while I still find the sim very smooth now (DX12 DLSS on Quality) Things looks very blurry…especially the displays in cockpit. I also find the textures very low res and on the hazy side (might be to duepoint). I have also tried vsync on and off (on with 50 percent of 144hz which my screen can output). Not sure which one to use (ideas?). Theres this AMD slider which I still cant understand. I saw not differnce moving it.

Do you think the blurryness will dissapear with the Game drivers? Cause its really blurry evan at the quality setting really… (yeah, the studio and the game driver might be the same…)


The performance increase that you had once beta was released, was it in terms of FPS or same FPS with more stable sim? Without stutters, lagging etc.

The studio driver that released Tuesday was a game changer for DX12 for me. Now 2 days of the best performance in 2 yrs. But hey, that’s just my experience. As we’ve seen since launch day, everyone’s experience is different. I participated from day 1 in beta 10. The studio driver flipped the switch on my system.

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Yeah same for me. It is definitely smoother and stutter free. Just can’t recall if on beta 1, we had more fps on DX12 as well.

Right now I’m getting the smoothest experience on DX12 but with less fps. About 10 fps less than DX11. It’s no biggie, but I could swear I was also getting higher fps in DX12 compared to DX11 in the first beta.

The fact that MSFS decided to release SU10 and not wait for Nvidia driver update leads me to think that Nvidia probably won’t be releasing the update until closer to the 4000 series release which is a few weeks from now.

So we are all left here now wondering for weeks again.

On that initial beta, my (and others’) reported experience was as such:

  • much lower CPU frame timing (10 ms vs 25+ ms). I was no longer main thread limited
  • due to said lowered CPU usage, I was able to increase TLOD significantly (125 to 250) before it started affecting frame rate.
  • buttery smooth, fluid performance, even when looking around using TrackIR. No stutters or pauses to be had.
  • minimal (5) fps loss popping out instruments for our cockpit setups vs 30 fps loss in DX11 prior to SU10 Beta
  • marginally lower maximum fps than DX11, but substantially higher minimums. With DX11, I could drop into the low 20s in busy areas. With DX12 in 1.27.9, I never dropped below 35, even at stupidly busy areas like KLAX and KJFK.

Current DX12 with the latest studio driver doesn’t deliver that kind of experience for me nor others using similar cockpit setups.

A lot of people reported slightly lower fps, but much higher minimum frame rates, more consistent frame timings across all threads, and a much smoother experience overall.

Guaranteed we won’t be getting any updates. And I doubt they’ll be having a Q&A until about the time SU11 / 40th anniversary edition launches as they really won’t want to answer the hard questions about SU10. Much like they disappeared from the map for 3 months after SU5 launched.


Looking at the reports here, most people using the Studio driver with DX 12 are reporting very smooth experience with no stutters, despite the FPS being about the same as DX 11 (however, looks like a few people are also reporting an increase of FPS using the Studio drivers and DX 12). A few people in Avsim reported with the Studio driver and DX 12, all their CPU cores are being utilized now, which is probably contributing to the smoothness and lack of stutters.

I’m pretty sure what Matt said is accurate. He would be in the know since he is on the MSFS team. Sure, an official Asobo response would be nice. But based on what Matt said, and based on what people are reporting, what Matt said seems to be consistent with the reports here.

No doubt that nvidia will release a new game driver that will have the same fix in it that the current studio driver has for msfs dx12 issues. It may have even more fixes for the sim. I’ve read all the posts in this thread and a lot of them from folks that were in beta 10 from day one. And some of these folks are still sitting and tinkering with what was the final beta .21, and ultimate live release that they have ( like I did) tinkered with for days. And then refuse to install a driver that specifically states it’s for the msfs2020 dx 12 issues or they install it then refuse to go thru the steps they always did before (empty com folder, reset graphics settings to default, etc) then tweak . I did those things because the new driver wasn’t producing when I first installed it either. I agree Msasobo should make a definitive statement especially after they have to know there is some confusion on timing of the driver release. I read some guy with a terabyte of flight freeware in his comm folder was complaining because su10 is a total failure and there is no new driver. And someone else saying there is no way they will ever install a studio driver. Their choice. The studio driver does not solve every issue that msfs2020 has. But it’s the best driver that has ever been released for this sim (edit: in my opinion)

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I doubt MS has any clue what Nvidia is doing. Nvidia are notoriously difficult to work with by all accounts… arrogant and very secretive. Just look at the recent EVGA situation. Microsoft probably wanted to time the release of SU10 with the next driver update from Nvidia but couldn’t get a word out of them as to what their plans are, so they released SU10 with a built-in mechanism to activate the memory manager should Nvidia actually ever do what they promised. Its very likely that Microsoft knows less about what’s going on at Nvidia than we do. If you want to complain about the driver confusion… go over to the Nvidia forums and spew some hate over there. :slight_smile:

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DX11 + Studio driver gives me this on almost 100% of flights:


I’ve never seen that error (although I know it’s been a thing for a lot of folks) before using the Studio driver. And performance is horrible compared to the old GRD as in my CPU main thread is bogged down to 25-30ms timings and fps in the low 20s at most, regardless of settings I use.

DX12 + Studio driver performs well at the start. But I see a ton of broken ground textures everywhere. It looks absolutely horrible. And performance gradually deteriorates over time. As I said in another post, just sitting on the apron for 2 hours with the engine running at a quiet location while testing some Air Manager instruments I’m building, my fps started at 60-sh and was in the low 20s by the time I shut down 2 hours later. My couple of actual flights with DX12 have seen this deteriorating performance over time as well.

Rolling back to the old GRD, performance is back as expected throughout the end of the beta. DX12 is unusable, and no more CTDs.

Hmm, something is very weird with your computer, especially if you use DX 11 with the Studio driver and get this error, but then when you roll back to your Game Ready driver and I assume you are using DX 11 with your Game Ready drive, you don’t get this error.

In theory, running DX 11 should be the same on your old driver and the Studio driver.

I am. Same as I was the entire beta. And everything works exactly the same as it did from .17 beta a couple of weeks back.

In theory, yes. In practice, not so much.

Im not having any problems with DX12. 12900K, 3090, DX12, no repo, default nVidia control panel settings, MSFS settings mid to high to ultra. Ground LOD 100, Textures 100, no lock on fps, getting up into the 40’s VR @LOWI in the F18 w/clouds. Game Ready driver (most recent). I don’t even know how to get the Studio Driver. If it will give me extra features, please tell me how to do it