Post your parking

Here you can post your plane parked at the gate.
Here’s my Air canada 777-300 parked at Toronto intl airport:

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ooooo nice picture!!

Air Canada Jazz 8680, (JZA8680) Stand A3 at KMSY (Real World Ops). Currently enroute to CYYZ on VATSIM.


And JZA8680 into 254.

Toronto Center and Approach online which was nice.

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I have a question, do u only like Crj’s only or like flying them or both?

For commercial, yes I am on the CRJ and fly for a VA.

For private / GA I am currently in the C310R.

You can see my full flight sim journey documented here;

I don’t hop from plane to plane or teleport. I will only fly from where I left off.


oh ok are you a real pilot?

No sir, I just play on in flight sim :wink:

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oh ok, can u post me some good pictures of ur plane please? cause I want to see ur flights.:slight_smile:

Go to the link I posted above and in the “Summary” you will see links to each segment that contains photos.

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Nice! I liked ur adventure is it still going on or what?

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Yes, in the C310R and CRJ topics.

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My faviouret plane is the 787! I have a question, do you want to do a group flight with me this Friday?

Cool, if you enjoy flying it that’s all that matters.

I’m good thanks, but appreciate the offer. I typically just stick to my own routes and fly on VATSIM. Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

Its okay and no problem:)



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