Potential New PC Build

Hello! It’s my first post here and it’s nice to join this community. Having been away from Flight Sim for a little while, and an avid FS2004 > FSX > Prepar3D > X-Plane 11 user, I’m wanting to bite the bullet and upgrade my system so that I can enjoy the latest that MSFS 2020 has to offer. I would love to build my own PC, but sadly I don’t really have the expertise, space or other things to warrant this at the moment, so I have sought out some professional quotes who have provided me with this system:

1 x Fractal Design Meshify 2 RGB Case - Black
1 x Gigabyte B550 AORUS ELITE AX V2 AMD Motherboard
1 x AMD Ryzen 7 5800X3D Zen 3 CPU
1 x Fractal Cool Lumen S24 V2 240mm AIO CPU Liquid Cooler - Black
1 x Palit GeForce RTX 3080 GamingPro 10GB GPU
1 x Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2x 16GB) 3200MHz DDR4
1 x Samsung 980 PRO 1TB M.2-2280 PCIe 4.0 x4 NVMe SSD
1 x Crucial P3 4TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe SSD
1 x Corsair RM850x 850W Modular 80+ Gold PSU
1 x Microsoft Windows 11 Home Advanced

Just looking for thoughts initially please. The case I’ve been suggested can fit a 4090, but I’m just looking for the prices of these to reduce somewhat… Is te Ryzen 7 5800X3D also a good CPU to get? Budget wise, I’d like to spend between £1.5k - £2.5k…

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I would included a larger PSU, a 1000W at least.

I bought a bundle which included a 1Tb M2 drive which is already nearly 1/2 full and all it has on it is Programs.

All my video/music/images/documents etc are on their own 4Tb M2 drive

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That’s a good point regarding storage. How does MSFS deal with that? I found with P3D and X-Plane the 1TB wasn’t enough, but as MSFS has satellite imagery it shouldn’t use that much, or does it?

I could always use the drives from my current (soon to be old) system…? But depends what connections the Motherboard has.

I bought a 500GB SSD for MSFS and with little navmap and some airplanes (not too many) I’m about 400GB used. Starting fom scratch as in your case I would go for a 1TB drive. I’ve noticed no difference at all between NVME and SATA SSD for MSFS.

Although prices are high, I would never buy a last gen GPU for a brand new build.


If MSFS is the reason that you are going to get a new PC, I would wait until MSFS 2024 comes out to see what is going to take to run it, like you want it to.
Good luck


How come? If I was to then upgrade the GPU to a 40 series later down the line?

Well he’s not, he’s buying a 5800X3D. Current is 7800/7950X3D AM5 socket. Actually now that you mention it, @PilotTris92 that’s something to consider. You’re buying an AM4 mobo which is a dead end, and you’re going to get stuck in 5xxx series, because 7xxx series is using AM5 socket and DDR5 RAM.

The PC you specced is really good and that CPU should be able to allow a GPU upgrade in the future, something like a 4080. But consider that this might not be the best moment to make a new build. Between socket changes and memory changes (particularly with AMD, because there’s zero compatibility between CPU socket and RAM), you either go with new gen (AM5 socket + AM% mobo + DDR5 RAM), or you get previous gen (the one you’re getting), but knowing that when you need to upgrade you’re going to need new cpu+mobo+ram.

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Because the 3080 is EOL and you can buy only remaining stock, at least here in CH. The 4070ti is equal in prize, offers 12GB of VRAM and all features of the novel generation like frame generation. So there is simply no reason for the 3080 atm…

This is a key point, you’re building in obsolescence earlier than you need to. If it were me I’d go for the AM5 Socket and 7800/7950 CPU.

GPU is always a difficult choice at the time based on an ever moving landscape.

This is my initial BOM from February 2021, point being that this is 2 1/2 years old, in 6 months I’ll be considering whether to upgrade, though likely it will be a bit further out based on FS2024 arrival and assessment at that point.

I originally specced a 3080 and ended up with a 3080ti based on supply chain difficulties.

I also had an existing 1Tb SSD which I added myself.

Black ATX Silent - Ultra Quiet (Sound Proofing Included) - Built In Card Reader 1
AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (8 x 3.8 GHZ - Turbo 8 x 4.7 GHZ) 1
Arctic Cooling Freezer 34 - Low Noise 1
Asus PRIME B450-PLUS (AMD B450) - 6xUSB3.1/2xUSB2/RGB 1
Corsair 32GB Vengeance RGB PRO 3200MHz (2x16GB) - Lifetime Warranty (DDR4) 1
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 – 10 GB – DP/HDMI – HD/4K/VR – Supports 4 Monitors (4 Week Stock Delay) 1
256GB ADATA SX8200 M.2 SSD, Read 3500MB/s, Write 1200MB/s – Silent 1
Motherboard Integrated HD Sound 1
Motherboard Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet Lan (Broadband Ready) 1
Corsair 850W (Modular) PSU - Low Noise 1
1.8 Metre UK Mains Power Cable 1

I recently updated my CPU and GPU, now that prices finally coming down a little.

Only when installing my new i91100K I learned how that requires a new motherboard too. So like others, I would definetely point that one out to consider thoroughly and make sure it will fit next generation stuff once you go updating again in a few years. I went for a fairly budget-type (Gigabyte z590 UD AC) which is quite well with heat control on demanding new processors (especially the i91100K) but after running this new show for two weeks now it all works like a charm.

I keep the sim at Vnsync and Gsync, running the monitor at 120 (instead 165) hertz and fps locked 33%. I now do the sim on most settings ultra and will keep a rocksteady 40 fps, even descending with the Fenix over downtown London into with ini Heatrhow and Stansed. For me, thats all I could ever ask for. Very happy with it.

(upgraded to Nvidia 3070 TI)

When you buy pre-built, you only get to pick from the parts the builder will offer you (generally). That can be a disadvantage. The spec you list is an odd combination of high-end parts and parts picked for lower cost, presumably to meet a specific price point.

For example, the Fractal Designs Meshify case is an expensive (and attractive) gaming case. More expensive than a simpler case that will have the same internal volume and features. But they’re looking to combine it with a Palit 3080. As people have already noted, the 3080 is EOL and not being made any more, has 8GB VRAM which is just not enough for this sim in 4K (or increasingly at 1080p), is last-gen so missing features like frame generation, and frankly, Palit is a ‘value’ GPU brand. Or on storage, the price difference between the 1TB Samsung 980 PRO and the 2TB as of today is £40. For double the storage. It just doesn’t make sense to spec 1TB; storage is cheap. And the Samsung 990 PRO range, the next step up, is actually slightly cheaper at retail right now for the same capacity.

I’ve been building PCs for 30 years. It’s not technically difficult, especially now. Literally anyone can do it with a little preparation. There’s tons of online help. It doesn’t require a lot of space. Do you have a kitchen table? Then you have enough space. The one big disadvantage is that if something goes wrong you can’t just call someone to fix it for you and you might have to eat the cost of a mistake. I get that that’s a big deal for many people but if you wanted to build your own PC in principle, as you mentioned, then presumably you’re not put off by that.

My honest advice would be to ditch the pre-built, buy the parts that reflect your goals and the advice you receive here, and build it yourself. You’ll get a better system for <£2K that way than you could do buying from a PC builder.


I would not go with an “outdated” AM4 socket motherboard if I want to build a new pc.
Go with AM5 for newest Ryzen series and DDR5 support.

@FlyerOneZero is giving you the best advice on here.

I seriously would not spend large amounts of cash on a new PC ATM. We do not know what MS2024 requires. You could be throwing good money after bad. We are nearing the end of the current gen GPUs, which means pricing will change as we near the next gen next year. And as is mentioned some of the parts you are looking have no upgrade path to them.

I would not think about buying the 850w PSU if I was looking for a higher end GPU. The 30 series especially are terrible for spikey power draws. A badly matched PSU can increase your GPU temps and cause random crashes.

Building your own PC is child’s play really. There are a ton of videos showing you how to progress with building a new PC. You will never look at a prebuild again after you build your first one. Most mistakes are recoverable. Not all ofc, but you have to remember that the internal parts of a PC are designed with ease of installation in mind. Relying on a prebuild supplier to fix a dodgy PC can be very time consuming. If you can solve your own issues then fixes become so much faster. It is a skill you will never regret learning.

Your proposed system is very close to my specs (B550, 5800X3D on a 240mm liquid cool, air-cooled 3090 Ti, 850W P/S.) I bought it a year ago, and many people told me I should wait until AM5 CPU’s and 40xx-series GPU’s became available. Nonsense.

I’m very happy with the performance I’m getting, and you’re able to take advantage of lower prices as the last gen components are being phased out. Some people want/need to be on the cutting edge of PC tech - I get that, and more power to them if they can afford it. I had to balance some budgetary concerns, and it sounds to me like you’ve done your homework.

The only quibble I have (and it’s a very minor one) is your RAM. It doesn’t impact the sim all that much, but I’m a firm believer in buying the best you can afford. I bought HP V10 DDR4-3600/CAS 14 RAM that came highly recommended. I’m glad I did.

And if, like me, you believe that MSFS 2024 will improve performance on all systems across the board, then I say go for it.

My rig since last week:
-Be quiet pure base 500 case
-Asus tuf gaming Z 790 plus WiFi motherboard
-Intel i5 13600K CPU
-MSI 12GB D6X RTX 4070ti Ventus 3X OC GPU
-Be quiet Dark rock pro 4 CPU cooler
-Be quiet Straight power 12 1000W platinum
-Corsair Vengeance DDR5/5600MHz 32 ( 2x 160) GB DRAM
-2 TB Samsung 990 Pro with heatsink M.2 SSD
IIama Prolite 32" 4k monitor.

It has set me back almost €2700 ( £2312) but it was worth every single penny so far…
Check alternate, they have an online configurator wich will alert you if you select a part that will not fit / will not be compatible with the other parts.

Good luck and happy :small_airplane: