Potential Overwrite Issue with Work Around? Asking for Trouble?

Whilst I appreciate the admission and workaround presented on the post below, what is to guarantee that when the new update comes out with all the new aerodynamic changes that our modified files will be corrected automatically by the updater? I can’t help but feel that such workarounds should be made directly within the sims version control, so that when it’s actually time to release these updates they have control over the files instead of leaving it down to users.

What are you thoughts?



Additionally, the proposed workaround does not address those of us who paid $120 for additional (encrypted) aircraft.

However, it’s not over yet:

So Jummivana hears us and will pass on our passion. If the decision on Monday is still no hotfix…then start beating the war drums.


Oh really?! So any aircraft that was part of the additional purchases cannot have this workaround applied?

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exactly. (minimum post length requirement text)

Nothing. It’s up to you to make a backup and then figure out if you should manually revert that or if it’s reverted by the update anyhow (then the backup might even cause more issues).

All mods that now incorporate the workaround will also have to release an update since otherwise the lift induced by flaps will be halved and people will start complaining about stalling on approach.

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That’s exactly my point. They’re essentially leaving it up to users to revert the changes (possibly). So when the next updates roll around and there are hundreds of users shouting and screaming that their aircraft are behaving strangely and can’t understand why, they’re just expected to know which files to change back and which to leave alone?

I’m a software dev myself, and asking your user base to adjust files for you is just laziness. It would cost them nothing to release a hotfix providing the workaround for us. It’s 10 minutes work and will avoid hundreds of potential issues with less experienced users.


If they’d release a workaround, they still would have the issue that all mods will override it and still have the bug.
The workaround HAS to be done in all mods, there’s no way around it.
The only thing Asobo should do is to (hot)fix the underlying calculation. Implementing and rolling out the workaround would cause even more confusion and fragmentation of states.

Mods are not the issue here. Again as the software dev speaking, I would not even consider mods in my decision making process if a bug like this was ever found in my own software. If my “default” installation was in any way messed up as a result of my own negligence, I would issue a fix to correct the “default” installation. It’s up to the mod creators to adjust if needed as they are outside of my control.

Can you imagine if this had happened when the Xbox version was out? How do you manually edit files then?

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“the issue was not caught by our quality teams despite all their efforts to avoid this type of situation”

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we can rest assured :+1:
if they don’t see such a thing :sob: :sob: :sob:


There is a temporary mod for this issue over at flightsim.to. Just need to drop it into your community folder and delete it when update 3 arrives. It can be edited for third party planes if needed.


Now that’s a much better solution than was offered by Asobo! Thank you for the info. I suppose the question now is, why on earth didn’t Asobo think of it? :joy:


They surely thought about it, but since it causes conflicts with mods (might even break them), this is probably something Asobo wouldn’t release officially.
The instructions on how to use this in conjunction with mods are far more complex than providing the workaround as an instruction to change files manually.

For Asobo there is no clean solution except to fix the underlying calculation. It’s just the question when this fix will be rolled out.

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I thought I was initiating flaps with too much air speed. This, then, explains the major “blooming” effect for the past 2 days when flaps are deployed. Blooming is the vertical lift of your AC with flap deployment. For newbies, as the flaps begin to extend you are changing the positive lift profile of the wings, and at the same time introducing drag. The effect is to gain altitude and slow down until things stabilize. Hope a hotfix is in the works.

Most can’t find the community folder and now their expected to find a plane cfg file and then edit it correctly? So people that aren’t tech enough to do such a thing just have to deal with this for a month, totally ridiculous and the work around can’t be applied to premium deluxe aircraft or other encrypted planes. Some will say it’s not that bad just learn to land differently for awhile, hogwash is all I can say!

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Well at least it’s far less than a month.
According to the last dev update, Sim Update 3 is due to be released on 4th of March. So less than two weeks if that schedule was correct.

Right, because ultimatums are effective. Let me know how that works out for you.

*Edit: No really. I’d like to see what that looks like.

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Maybe this will get them working on the GA aircraft.

For the Microsoft Store edition AND/OR Gamepass edition:
C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_\LocalCache\Packages\Community`.

For the Steam edition:

C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Packages\Community`.

For the Boxed edition:

C:\Users[YOUR USERNAME]\AppData\Local\MSFSPackages\Community`.

If the above methods do not work:

  • You can find your community folder by going into FS2020 general options and enabling developer mode. You will see a menu appear on top. Go to tools and virtual file system. Click on watch bases and your community folder will be listed in one of the folders.
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I know, it’s not easy, sorry guys

If you don’t chew on these things, forget it and wait for ASOBO

If you are a flight simmer, you better learn how to work a computer.
Flightsim’s in general, are not for those that can’t.
I’ve been flight simming for many years, and that was one of the very first things I realized.

So, those users that can’t find the Communtiy folder are going to have to learn, or they will end up not using the sim. There are always PC issues with a flightsim that will need to be corrected by the user.

No they shouldn’t have to do it in this case.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not sticking up for the issues with the update, it really made a mess of most of the aircraft.

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