Powerlines and solar farms, another must have freeware addon

Why is the file now unavailable on flightsim.to?

From what I understood from his Discord, he’s trying hard to make them availalble on xbox as well. That seems to be the reason.

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Solar farms mod causes a Hard Lock if looking to the south near KHII

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I went to get it, but yeah, it’s unavailable.
I still bought him a coffee, since I already have the marinas mod, and love it.
I’m sure he’ll get it back up soon.

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Wow that’s unexpected!

At the moment you need to disable the usa-exclude.bgl It will solve the 30 seconds lock when looking south

I have a fix that should work but haven’t tried yet, will keep you informed!

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Eastern is gonna bring you, all dear donors, a surprise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Will wait with great interest!

As a donor, I much appreciate your Easter surprise and took immediate advantage of it today! :+1:

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Thanks for being so patient guys,

the addons are now available for purchase on my website (and soon on Simmarket)


Strongly hope that the effort will help my Marketplace submission so the Xbox user will eventually have the opportunity to enjoy my addons


Is there a changelog or something. Why would I buy it if I can use the version that was free previously (already installed for a long time)?

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Here you go!


  • the new upload includes India, Philippines, Turkey, Angola and Ecuador
    Upcoming upgrades
  • New pylon models (in progress)
  • Stuttering fix (requires Asobo reworks on lods, maybe SU15, who knows)
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For everyone interested in, the product is available on Simmarket too

As a low flying chopper pilot I really want this! But I am on xbox, so hopefully it comes to marketplace soon!